NFL Thread: The Raiders will be moving to LasVegas. #blackhole2gloryhole


Alright ladies. It’s that time again. Out with the old thread, and in with the new season!

  • FFL sign ups should be soon
  • Goodell finally got to nerf Brady
  • The NFC East still looks as free as ever
  • We’ll miss Beast Mode more than Peyton manning
  • Johnny Lolball
  • Jay Cutlol
  • The Lolboys
  • Could the raiders finally return to the days of old?

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

Let’s get it in!

And one of you mods close the old thread.


Despite tonight…still rooting for Da Bears.


The Redskins are going to win the Superbowl!


EDP is back in mid-season form


I was waiting for the new thread to start. Didn’t get to watch my Saints play but I heard the defense looked better. I will have to wait and see. Either way…thank the maker for football. All woman need to report to sandwhich duty ASAP lmao j/k


should put a team list to distinguish between the real and the fakes and because of all the randoms we get when its playoff time


Real fans:

  • Seahawks fans

Fake fans:

  • Everyone else


Patriots wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell dislocated his elbow on this play:

He’ll be out for at least a month and maybe into the regular season.


I’m going to have to talk to Bruce Allen and ask to bring back the white jersey with burgundy pants look for the Redskins. Something about white on gold just seem so unnatural to me. Burgundy on gold is excellent IMHO.


Falcons offense looked like garbage, defense looked adequate, and preseason still sucks


LA Rams look about as good as the last time they existed

The Official 2016 Offseason NFL Thread: No more football-less Sundays till February!

Jeff Janis reportedly suffered fracture in hand

dam man, he showed signs of potential last year, now he is in danger of not making the team.


This may be the year of the running back (by committee).

Chiefs, Cowboys, Raiders (wearing #34 apparently breaks the game) and Titans look like they have depth at that position.


I’m not holding out much hope for Miami to make a playoff season this year, I just would like a competent year from my team. If not and it all falls apart I can see them looking for a new QB if Gase can’t get anything out of Tannehill.


Who is sending out the emails for fantasy this season? I know it’s “soon” just want to make sure to not miss out like I did last season.


Of course I am in for fantasy


I am in for fantasy too!


Fuck it i’ll join if theres a spot


George gotta stay consistent


Said it a couple of times but put me down for fantasy