NGBC Kyo loop/ Glitch? How do I do it?

There’s this thing Kyo can do that basically activates this custom combo like state, similar to “gold mode” (or whatever, that’s what I call it) in KOF games. It’s after one of his supers (and what loks liek a taunt) that It activates… How would I do this? It looks like super>taunt with some odd slowdown in the super.

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If you want a stupid response, go here -> who gives a shit about SNK much less NGBC?

It’s after Final Sowdown QCFx2+K, during super you gotta mash the fuck out of Kick and it activates super mode when you see him do that taunt. For a few seconds he can cancel his specials into other specials, you usually see people cancel QCF+A into QCF+C and loop it, you wanna have it so that when the mode runs out you’re doing QCF+C, QCF+C, QCF+A, QCF+D, HCF+C Rekka chain and end it in DP+C

Damn, I had no idea he had something like that.

There was a time a few years ago when a LOT of shit fighters came out… This was one of them.

NGBC was a pretty good game, actually, but then again you probably play SF4 so how the fuck would you know what a good fighter is like???

Actually, I hate 4… I play it because there are people that play it… I’m dropping it when 3SO comes out.
Shiki… Seriously dude? You don’t remember me? Mixah, sir… I used to bug you for a ton of advice when I was trying to get into that game, and you had me running Haoh and Terry for quite a while.

This game is pretty goddamn good, but honestly, it’s just SvC Chaos Lite.

I feel like things are SF4 levels of tame here.

Shit is not tame in this game at all anywhere enar SFIV, people actually have decent walk speeds for one and damage is high.

Don’t forget characters with overheads that are actually good.

also dont forget that it was fun to play

Unless you’re like me and stuck wiht the PS2 version and seem to get Dragon Stage like four times in a row

Unless you’re playing the Japanese PS2 version which has no slowdown at all.

Man fuck japan

I probably haven’t played it enough then. Just playing around in the lab, I really feel like a lot of characters could’ve been better. Particularly Rock and Geese.

NGBC is great. I wish more people played it.

Rock and Geese could have been alot better, as it is they need corner to really shine. Pretty much everyone in the cast has some bullshit that keeps them viable, yeah Kim and Hotaru Big is damn good but nowhere near these two are on some other shit in comparison but I’m hard pressed to think of characters that aren’t viable except for maybe Mars People.

Genjuro feels pretty weak, though I’m probably missing something important.

At least he gets to own Mizuchi for free.

Obligatory link to srk thread that nobody uses: NeoGeo Battle Coliseum (NGBC) Thread