NGC Results 0/05/04

Nintendo Generation Champion: Tournament Rankings.

1st. TFGM <Empire> 2,542,449
2nd. Norman B. 1,655,962
3rd. Steve L. 1,560,574
4th. Christopher L. 1,385,676
5th. Flash <Empire> 1,319,412
6th. Ako <Empire> 1,264,859
7th. Kevin L. 1,231,691
8th. Steven M. 1,174,052
9th. RX <Empire> 781,420
10th.Sean V. 743,810
11th.Devon C 689,360
12th.Ace <Empire> 680,983
13th.John B. 679,730
14th.Frank G. 565,930
15th.Meli. 547,136
16th.Malcom L. 538,560
17th.Shang C. 424,170
18th.Ozzy C. 408,750
19th.Luna <Empire> 432,250
20th.Sham 388,650
21st.Jerold F. 375,143
22nd.Linx V. 289,561
23rd.Michael S. 0 Dropped out
24th.Arturo S. <Empire> 0 N/A
tied.Jeron G. <Empire> 0 N/A
tied.Rob P. 0 N/A
tied.Neo Hunter 0 N/A
tied.Ric Cadet 0 N/A
tied.Josh Aliceu N/A
tied.M. Hawken N/A
tied.Jarrel: 0 N/A
tied.Berechiah Adams 0 N/A
tied.Steven Pena 0 N/A
tied.MK Choy 0 N/A
tied.Mario R. Fidanza 0 N/A
tied.Joe Pena 0 N/A
tied.Ruben Roman 0 N/A
tied.Ken Jobin 0 N/A
tied.Brian Garcia 0 N/A
tied.Ramon Orengo 0 N/A
tied.Daniel Levinson 0 N/A
tied.Joshua Miranda 0 N/A
tied.Justin Braggs 0 N/A
tied.Sayville Russell 0 N/A
tied.Alex Alvarez 0 N/A
tied.Christopher Santiago 0 N/A
tied.Anthony Durso 0 N/A
tied.Malcolm Leach 0 N/A

Santhrax, let me find out you still play super ghouls and ghost.

good job triforce for winning. hope everyone had fun.
rx good job for getting top 10.

~Born to Play~

Thanks, it was fun. We got some vids of it and it took 11 and a half hours to play through. You never answered my question in the other post. Are you in NYC now? We are getting ready for M3, and the news of the final preperations are going up Monday on the site. Until then.

^i am not in jamaica, ny right now. i’m in nc for school. i should be back before the end of the year though(just for christmas, after that i gotta go back for the second semester). but i’ll be back in the summer.

again good job.

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Thanks Motoki. It was all good :tup:


the guy who knew all along what games will be run won

while everyone else was kept in the dark about what games were being played


i would do it worse than him. i’d run a tournament then take a 40% cut.

omg josh’s av stop beasting

Yeah Triforce does rig all tournaments so that he can win. :bluu:

nice to know im not the only one who notices this