NG's DC Heroes avatar Request Thread


Welcome to Ninja’s DC Superheros Avatar Request Thread. I will only make avs with DC superheroes or Villians on your avatar.


-Tell me which super hero or villian you would like on your avatar
-I will not make animated avs
-That’s all.

I dont have much work but, my latest DC av is the one I am currently using. On that av, that is a Villian and his name is Ace and he’s from Batman Beyond.


Err. Would you consider a sprite edit instead?


who do you need?


I don’t really need anyone. I just want to see how you handle sprite edits because the one in your avatar is pretty clean. Maybe not the most complex design on his chest, but a clean job. Anyway, how’s about an edit of Two-Face from the Batman series? I want an original sprite, coming 100% from you.


sure. Gimmi some time.




How about instead of making avatars you get back to those ‘Third Strike’ sprites that you have a long line of people patiently waiting for?



ure not even on the fuckin list dude and I cant do any ripping till Saturday if you’ve been paying attention to what I’ve been writing in the thread. Care less about me and more about yourself would ya, geez.


I’m actually giving more of a damn for the people you’re making wait than you really, hence my pestering you to get back to it.



get back to what dude, stfu. I told you, THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO TO THIS POINT BUT TO JUST WAIT TILL SATURDAY. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? Stop rushing me you fag and give me time when I need it. Remember now, “I’m the one who’s ripping the sprites” remember? I make the time, and I make my rules when it comes to this point, NOT you.


You are a cool dude.


You had better deliver, you’ve got more than the people who are you requesting looking over your shoulder buddy.


Chibi, just…please let me take care of this alone. Dark Giygas, do you wanna help me clean out the sprites when I start?


Dont you think this is kinda limited?

I mean, how many DC sprites are out there?


Thousands…and Thousands…and Thousands.


I’ll be gone until Sunday night, so if you want. just e-mail me the pics at:


aight coo.


i can edit sprites if u want, i just need some pics of reference about DC charas (artwork, comics, blabla…)…


Do you have any Aquaman sprites? And not any of his animated versions, his actual comic version.


:confused: Hmm…

Are you sure that many DC superheroes and villians sprites or images be there?

Yeah, I am DC fanboy (I do not remember few names of DC forgotten heroes and villians)