NHC January HDR PSN Tournament

A few recorded matches from the NHC January HDR tourney on PSN. I tried to get the Winners Finals between Rugal and Freeway recorded but we couldn’t get a room to launch with all three of us in it so they just went ahead and played it, so unfortunately there’s a lot of Honda in these, LOL. So just got Loser’s Finals and Grand Finals, also got my second round match where Rugal kicked my butt and put me into Losers.

Note on the finals, my MP button was slowly going out on me and got pretty bad during the finals, so you’ll see a lot of missed HHS in it. I jam on it a little to hard, LOL.

HDR isn’t dead yet!




Just realized I never posted the December Tourney’s vids. I didn’t get to play in that one, had to work late, but recorded the Loser’s Finals and Grand Finals. More of Rugal doing his thing, LOL.