Ni No Kuni:...

Seiken Densetsu 3 tier.

Isn’t a gaming scale as subjective as asking if the game is any good? I know people who think Final Fantasy 12 is the best of the series…and I do NOT want those people’s opinion of this game…

God fuckin’ dammit, why do so many good RPGs have to come out? I just know that if I see this in stores I won’t be able to resist buying it. I have around 3-4 RPGs in my backlog, don’t do this to me Ni no Kuni T~T

how are you suppose to grade a game on a scale from really good to really good?

Huh? What RPGs are you talking about?

EGM had one of the best review summary.

Chrono Cross sucks.

Plus’ed for the avatar.
I’m pretty sure drippy is going to blow up like the forest spirits did in Princess.

Oops, I worded myself wrongly. I’ve mostly been playing older RPGs lol. I still have to beat FF2 (in the Dawn of Souls set for the GBA), FF4 for the DS, and I just bought FF7 again. Maybe I’ll buy it and play it after I beat FF2 if it’s really that good. I also want Persona 3 though, and I want some more DQ games…Sigh:(

But this thread isn’t about that. It’s probably too early to ask this, but does anyone have an estimate for how long the game is, side-quests included?

Only a few hours in and the side quests so far chewed up another hour…

Assuming they scale and
Considering the team I’d say 80ish

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Play them all at once all on different sd tvs for the classics.

got a text from my dad, I will be in gaming bliss tonight!!

Why did it take so long for us to get a good JRPG this generation?

‘Like’ just for the Madlib avatar haha.

Been hearing this game everywhere. It looks like Dragon Quest 8. Just gotta ask whats good about it?

I liked Secret of Evermore better. No joke.

Mix the best elements of Pokemon, and the tales series, with the best visuals this generation.

Add in a very fluid combat engine great music, and a good story.

It’s a pretty simple formula but sadly impossible for anyone else to seem to manage.

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Has anyone here played Magic Pengel (which also had monster collection elements), speaking of Ghibli? I’ve heard some decent things about it.

Mad suspect yo lol. Alchemy was dope but dunno if I can back that!

You weren’t looking hard enough. There are quite a few good jRPGs that came out this gen. 2 of them just last year.

Which were?

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Xenoblade Chronicles
The Last Story