Niagara Region


Hey guys just wondering how many people are in the Niagara area?


May 4th GOES Fight Night:

Events run from 6pm - 10pm (or longer if time required for tournaments)

There will be a draw for a set of weekend passes for Anime North and a set of passes for Toryuken III

Anime North:

Toryuken III:

$10 venue fee; gets you two tickets for the draw and $5 at the bar. Additional Draw tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5

$5 game entry fee for a prize pool; split 1st 70%, 2nd 20%, 3rd 10%

Fighting games will have three rounds for a single elimination bracket

2 – Injustice: God’s Among Us set ups (360)
1 - Ultimate marvel vs Capcom 3 set up (360)
2 - Super Street Fighter IV set ups (360)
2 - Killer Instinct set ups (XBox One)
1 - Smash Melee set up (GC) 4 players free for all
1 - Smash Brawl set up (Wii) 4 players free for all
1 - Street Fighter Alpha 3 (DC) (free play)

2 - Duck Hunt Set ups - win a retron (no fee to play)

The Duck Hunt Tournament is point based, the highest score wins. The Retron is won playing Two Duck mode

2 - Rock Band Set ups for private rooms

Check out for more details coming soon