NicaBia Productions, Empire Arcadia & Tokyo Game Action presents: Clash '06 (MvC 2)

I asked mr wizard, he said srk doesn’t host files… :wasted:

I use Final Cut Pro(Mac) to edit. When I export from it, I have found that .avi is the smallest(without compromising the quality too much). I hate the way .avi looks all chopy, I want to use .mov but that would be alot bigger. I’m thinking Mpeg4 might be smaller… I’ma try that…

for now people can use the TGA link…

super crack 6 coming to a prepys website near u! feature6 hours of yipes vs everybody geting wooped, me foking matrix up; ` ] and friday night wild out with

There are some guys trying to help the community, and also some ungrateful biatches here. If you don’t like the videos just stop getting them for free.

Ah, gotcha. AVI and MOV are just file formats. They do not natively denote any specific compression. This will provide the highest possible quality at the least possible efficiency. To more efficiently use AVI or MOV, specify a good codec for use within those formats. On the Mac you are going to be somewhat limited, but I believe DivX or XviD would likely have a video encoder that you can use within Final Cut’s AVI export that would provide significantly increased compression. Likewise, MP3 audio provides a significantly better download experience than PCM (uncompressed) audio. With PCM audio, each hour’s worth of “standard audio” would take 600MB. With MP3 audio, that same amount of data would take about 60MB. MOV and AVI are relatively comparable in terms of overall efficiency. However, as far as distributed playback goes, MOV sucks balls and should never be used. (Movie trailers, whatever, but …) MPEG4 is still on the ramp towards being a useful format, so I wouldn’t recommend using that either. Just export to AVI and use a good codec for the video and audio. :tup:

Alternate link for now:

  • NicaBia presents (185MB minimal compression WMV, 23m)
    ^-- This is pretty much “uncompressed” over what you had because I didn’t want to disrupt your efforts or decrease quality anymore than absolutely had to be done. It’s about 2:1 efficiency - you can get much much better compression if you’re willing to sacrifice quality more. For good compression, expect that a quality file of about 23m length would be about 100MB. I just mention that as a baseline in case you want to play around and see what you can do. :smile: Generally you’ll want to save the use of CinePak or PCM to cases where you’re expecting the content to be burnt to DVD or shown in other “high quality” environment.

Blue_j: I’m having AIM connection problems lately, but I’ll be on this weekend. :sad:
Johnny: ? It’s obvious that the tourney is great stuff, it’s obvious that Shankar worked hard on the footage, it’s obvious that he’s new to this stuff. There’s no disrespect meant when you point out somebody’s lack of knowledge in an arena. It’s a chance to grow. I apologize to him if he thought I was being a dick - it sucks to start learning how to encode stuff, he did a great editing job but just doesn’t know much about compression or net distribution yet. It’s completely appropriate to say that a) that free download site sucks (it does) and b) uncompressed AVI sucks (it does). So pipe down, relax, and enjoy the footage.

I spat amazing venom about Windows Media Encoder over on CV the first time I tried to use it and it screwed me, and Preppy contacted me personally to help me out. Don’t knock the man’s hustle, if he wasn’t around and a genuinely great guy half of the videos you see around likely wouldn’t exist.


Thats a pretty hot vid right there.

Justin Wong reset on Sanford in the last match, what the hell?

…thanks alot for hosting the file as well as the compresion. I thought I was gonna be displeased with the quality, but it’s the same so it’s coo. I tried exporting the vid as a mpeg4 file earlier… but it looks like shitt so I won’t be putting that up.
Thanks for the quick lesson, I understand a bit more about compresion now… I think I’ll try to export, .avi using divx or xvid…

I apreciate everyone’s support. No, I don’t take the comments in a negative way. I’m like, If I don’t know something… I try to ask questions so I’ll know in the future.
I will keep playing with the export process until I get the best results… as long as it looks good, I’m cool with compresing…

One last question Preppy:
The best “looking” export I’ve seen is the .mov. It looks perfect! As good as it does in FCP(no choppy blocks). my question is…

Can I export .mov using divx or xvid, so it compreses small but keeping the best quality posible?..
If not, What’s the best way for me to export keeping the best looking quality?


if only marvel wasn’t dead/garbage.

Shankar! Nice stuff man!

Man Beastcoast and NicBia should do a collabo!

Once I apprechiate the work you do man.

See you in summer.


I just smoked one and saw those vids. Im feeling em. <3 ec

w0w!!! justin won. now i know. thx 2 preppy for hosting the vids.

That should likely only look bad because you’re using a High Compression setting. Any codec should be able to produce good-looking but low compression video. There’s a direct trade-off between High Quality and High Compression. If it looks bad, it should be well compressed. If it looks great, it should be huge. The trick is to find the sweet spot. For most people, 512kbps-1mbps is that sweet spot. I compressed your video to 5mbps - not ideal for net distribution, but workable without sacrificing your efforts.

Actually, export to MOV/AVI/WMV/MPEG4 should all provide pretty equivalent quality if you maintain the same level of compression across file formats. An export to ANY file format should be able to provide PERFECT quality. If you can’t get that, your encoding tool is buggy. :smile: [And in a linked back reference here: Windows Media Encoder will choke on TWO pass encoding with certain buggy MPEG2 encoders who provide different decoded data frames between passes, but that’s because the 3rd party MPEG2 codec is buggy. Just use one pass encoding if you need to encode from MPEG2. (This may or may not be relevant to other encoding tools - I’d suspect so, unless they’re using a complete buffered copy of the first decode, which would be pretty piggy.)]

MOV has its own version of MPEG4 compression that you’d use there… if I recall correctly you’ll want to use H.264 compression within MOV, but I really don’t follow QuickTime encoding much and if you can’t set the compression type, don’t worry about it. DivX/XviD is just an MPEG4 derivative anyways, so they should be about the same.

Okay, that all being said, here’s the current things you should have gained so far:

  • Exporting to any file type can provide the same quality
  • FCP should have some setting that allows you to set the compression levels. You should use those - you should be able to generate really crappy/really small or really great/really huge files for any file type.

That’s about all you need for now - it shouldn’t be too tough to go back to FCP and play with the export settings and check the file size and playback quality on the subsequently exported video. MOV might be great for local archival, but I’d use XVID-AVI for distributed files (assuming I was working on a Mac).

If there’s anything else you want advice/help with, hit up peeps in the Computer Support thread in GD or if you want hit me up on mail (zachd at microsoft dot com) (but I only rarely play with MacOS, so the Computer Support thread is probably the better choice).

Yeah - I liked that crazy corner reset. There was a couple different moments in the Winner’s Finals (Sanford’s whiffed snapback on match start, some of his Sent combos, etc) that were pretty great. Nice to see new strange stuff being thought up by those lunatics. :tup:

Preppy ? You were always very helpful, even here. But the behavior of some guys here seemed , at least, not polite. A couple of guys just criticized the file without even saying thanks, and there are no better matches than current Justin vs Sanfords, imo.

Actually, reading it again, I think I overreacted, and Shankhar was not really offendes by anyone, so maybe I?m the ungrateful biatch here :slight_smile:

And just to make it clear, I don’t think anybody is more helpful to Marvel fans than Preppy and his cool site.


The video was great had some really good sentinel shit going on. The video editing was wonderful. I love how the music plays and u can still hear everything going on. And for once there wasnt crazy ass noises going on in the background. But yeah, once again, props for the nice music and music editing. Cant wait for part 2.

yeah nice with the audio editing. I think I’m going to do that to my future vids.

That last match between Justin and Sanford…Good fucking God almighty. He destroyed Sanford in mere seconds. Good match vid. Nice editing. Good to know the stupid commentary tracks that usually come with these vids was drowned out by some good music.

Where the hell did that Sentinel reset come from in the end of the last match?


NyCe!:tup: … that’s how they are intended to be watched! :smokin:
…that’s how I edit them anywayz…:lovin:

Thanks alot man!.. I’m acctually surprised that was noticed… it takes me soo long just to get the right music with the right match… and then sync it properly with the action… … …I’m glad my work doesn’t go un-noticed!..

…almost done with the final version… tnx for the support! :tup: :sweat: