Nice Akuma sculpt


Looks really good.

Maybe Wizard can get Jerry to make an exclusive Akuma(s) for Evo :wonder: that would be awsome and give a little more incentive for attending.


the pose = gay

but very detailed.


That thing is fucking seriousness.


i want him to make a rose or chun li i would definitely buy one of them.


I would be all over a ROSE statue.


It’s ok…because that’s SF 3 Gouki, and he’s missing his sandals.


I see nothing. :frowning:


Yessss :bgrin: Hopefully somewhere down the road Rose gets made.


i don’t like the pose or the face but i’m a capcom stan so i’d probably own it.


someone should post those pics in the “ask a gay dude” thread at GD and ask if they “would hit it”


The model is really great, but I don’t like the pose.


no homo!


SRK fad is so whack.:wasted:


wat makes u think it’s an SRK fad.i wouldn’t repeat anything ever started on a forum…


It’s not from SRK man…


that would be a dipset fad that is easily dying hard. NO HOMO


Theres going to be a Shin-Akuma as well, but much more limited (100 only).


Shin Akuma sold out quick status…


Is it sold outr aleady? Dammit, I need that statue in my life


Ryu is up next.