Nice corner option for 100%'s (0 bars needed)



Ok… you can do this out of his launcher or out of carrying them into the corner via standard infinite… which also means its good out of his easymode corner guardbreak. a.k.a. this will come into play pretty often when using ironman.

This is also very good because you can get some unfly like results when you don’t have unfly on… (always hated relying on it…)


1.) Launch and finish an air combo with u+HP… OR do infinite to the corner and the point where an u+HP hits…

2.) Cancel to flight after u+hp and do lk, mp, u+hp xx lp. unibeam… will pop them up and back into the corner… while they are flying call assist(more on this in a sec) fly fwd and air grab throwing them back into the wall… this is super easy to land and very hard to tech… timing being what it is…

3.) assist connects… exactly what happens here varies… for instance… team illan can call doom rocks… cancel IM flight and drop down… a quick hop and you’ve just reset into you infinite… …I been using hulk anti air which pops them strait back up into the air… allowing IM to fly up back… and start a new air combo (possibly ending in air throw to assist again)

Because IM is flying you can call assists… and with sooo many assists and the ability to vary timing on calling it as you fly fwd to grab… variations are pretty much endless…

Like IM needs more corner options… but at least doing this takes no unfly… takes no hyper… builds hyper like mad… and can be chained out to 100% pretty easily by resetting the inf or going into other madness…


so it’s a POSSIBLE 100%…involving a reset…that most likely doesn’t work with other common ones

I’ll mess around with it but I wanna say that a throw in your situation would be more obvious…the ground ones can be more versatile, hard to see, and safer imo.

you don’t need to rely on unfly also. if you get it, keep it (as long as you can execute A2Gs fairly consistently) it ups your IM game bigtime.

also, you will most likely have super by the time you get to the end of the inf. so that isn’t an issue.



well you can 100% so long as they don’t tech out… but you can use the tactics either WITH unfly to reset or to replace corner unfly…

i’ve only tried a few assists… but already found a number of 100%'s… using hulk AA pretty much puts them in perfect position to start a new air combo… even if they tech out of the throw the second time through b/c any good player should… you still just prolly 80%'d them… plus if hulk is on time IM has time to drop to the ground and hop back up for possible GB situations… similar to the way mikeZ uses juggs assist…

but really to just finish an unfly rep with lp. unibeam Call assist while moving fwd to airthrow isn’t really hard to pull off… its a very good mixup as most people caught in unfly inf wont expect you to suddenly change it up… throw to assist and transfer to standard ground inf… ect… or go back up into unfly…

I just like this as a mixup b/c 1.)its effective 2.)you can cross up while assist is hitting and you are dropping from flymode… which is a major bonus b\c even if you blow the whole thing and they find time to get a block off… you can easily end up in a garbage time combo on them just b/c of the cross up. 3.) I like it just b/c its unexpected and mostly unexplored with various assists which is always a nice mind fuck on someone after you land it…

Though you can tech out of the throw… range, speed, and corner location are on your side… fly mode means you can be in perfect postion to grab just after they leave hit stun and anyone who predicts a grab there and techs is to good… considering the mass number of corner combo scenarios they are more likely to expect from IM.


This doesn’t have to be in the corner… once you go into flight mode if you just to lk, mp, air throw… it works fine… i was having fun calling spidey and thanos capture assists… and hurling people into it from full screen…

another for team illan: launch, sj.lp,, u+hp xx flight, flying lk, call doom rocks, flying mp, air throw fwd, cancel flight, toes touch the ground XX proton cannon…

makes it a nice option if you catch someone with a midscreen launcher… but don’t have unfly… plus with it being out of the corner… there are now countless more assists that can come into play… bonus is also that the throw is even harder to see coming…


One for all the illan’s out there… this is pretty sick… no unfly allowed :slight_smile:

requires no bars… uses no glitches… takes pretty basic air combo timing…

in corner -> s.fp,, sj. lp, sj. lk, sj. u+fp, sj. u+fk, air dash up, sj. lp, u+fp, xx fly, (flying)lk, (flying)mp, u+hp, xx lp. unibeam, call doom rocks, fly fwd and air grab fwd, they will bounce in rocks, fly down and do (flying)lk, (flying)mp, u+hp, xx lp. unibeam… fly fwd and grab if you want… tho some characters are already dead by now…


Madness that makes me think… who needs unfly… lp, launch, sj. lp, sj. lk,, u+hk xx ad(up), sj. lp, sj.lp, u+hp xx fly, (flying)lk, call doom rocks, (flying) lp, fwd+hp xx d+hk… (knocks them strait down into the rocks, fly down and (flying) lp, lk, lp, u+hp xx unibeam, call doom rocks, fly fwd and air grab, they are tossed into the rocks, fly down and lp, lk, lp, u+hp xx unibeam… about now your flight will run out… which is ok… since they are dead…

If you read between the lines… you can tell you get a corner semi infinite via flying ironman and doom rocks… though they can try to tech out on the second rep and all following…as you must throw… though this will leave you with guardbreak possibilities…


If you do a Hp. grab in the corner, you can combo it without an otg. If they tech hit, go for an unblockable.



I think I understand what you’re trying to say titan. yes, this shit is old…and there’s a reason no one does it. it’s not a 100%, just a silly reset. if you’re going to reset, may as well do it on the ground. there’s no point to do this, but hey, if you wanna, go right ahead : /


You can def 100% between doom and IM…

reset is really only if you are using unfly…

Def can get more dmg out of this type of scenario than just ending ground inf in proton but it is a lot harder to do… not that it wouldnt work in a real match… but i get your point… there are safer ways…

still… there is a bit more here than is evident… I’ll probably post a vid showing the practical uses of it… i will say tho… just to hint… that since i started looking at this… i unfortunately had to work like 18 hours strait (from home on my couch)… so i’ve really dug into it a bit…

best combo… contained 4 grabs (one ground, 3 air), 4 unibeams, and 4 almost full magic series, 3 more 1/2 magic series or so… 3 full on (almost all rocks hitting) callings of doom rocks… needless to say the cpu dummies life was gone long before the combo was over… 100% for sure… and unfly a non-factor… might be a bit much to try in a real match with easier ways to get the job done but it would sure make a nice vid…hehe


4 grabs eh? :lol: yep, definite 100%…I suppose I’ll just leave now and let you do you


yes I know… 4 grabs is combo vid only material for sure… I fully agree…


original point is that if you carry them to the corner first via ground infinite or unfly… its a reset for either… to 100%… if you only get 1 air grab off…

granted you wont do it every time but thats why its an option… if you never air grab with ironman im sorry… its a small but very nice piece for him… not as good as ground throw into corner… but with assist… you get a pretty similar result. It’s also a free crossup attempt even mid screen… after air throw aduf results in free chance to come down into inf to their front side… adf results in free chance to come down into inf on their backside… not the holy grail by any means… but surely useful at times…


no offense but this was one of the first resets i learned with ironman like 5 years ago. its not hard to tech at all. its not often an ironman will purposely bring you all the way up there. I’ve noticed that what makes it completely obvious is the fact that you do a unibeam.

its well known that you can’t combo after it in the air. That means that once you initiate the move, the opponent literally has like over a full second (which in marvel time is like 2 years) to try and tech it. I even think they might be able to hit you before you grab them


lol why are you bothering, he won’t listen. just let him keep his top tier tactics (like his broken use of thanos launcher assist into throw)


lol, its cool. im just trying to revive marvel. i don’t mind conversing with the new fans as long as it contributes to hyping up marvel again with its re-release.

i really am starting to dislike SF4 so i was hoping the fan base from that game will help transfer new comers to marvel…


ahhh. I see. so it SF4 was secretly made to revive marvel once it came back around with stealing the fanbase once they realize how shitty sf4 is. genius!


beats --> “lol why are you bothering, he won’t listen. just let him keep his top tier tactics (like his broken use of thanos launcher assist into throw)”

You really don’t have to work all that hard to be a dick. You really rip on the fact that I posted something mildly useful about thanos? So he’s not all that great… some people like to use him… did you try it? It works alright and is kinda fun when playing thanos in low tier if you got someone with good grab or grab you an combo out of… but who cares? I’ve seen you play. Your alright. Not amazing. I can play with you and take my fair share of w’s. I’ll find you on release day… and I won’t be rolling thanos…

Techable or no… and if you knew this combo years ago… congrats… I never tried it before and posted… I love this game… (it came out when i was 17) and I never really stopped playing it. Just trying to help breath life into the forums and get some conversation going that would help some of those folks coming in.

Beyond the obvious bull of argument here… i will say that instead of doing the above and finishing with unibeam… you can just finish with fwd + fp in the corner… call assist just prior to the fp and it will work just fine… reset the same… and cannot be tech’d out of… Do that instead if you want/need to reset… tho the throw can still work once in awhile… particularly when done off the ground inf because you remain so low…

You are correct as well tech… the unibeam setup probably gives the throw attempt away… but it isn’t needed to attempt the throw at all…


minus the unibeam is fine as long as its near the ground.

no ones trying to hate man, or at least not at first. he only started giving a bit of attitude when you were trying to support this reset.

Beats and I have been contributing to Ironman tactics for a really long time. Like you said, this game is OLD. Both of us have enough playtime to know what works and what doesn’t work, against top competitors and in low tier matches.

Some form of Magic Series to air grab is literally like the first competitive combo EVERYONE learned with ANY character when they first got in to this game. Thats why we think that reset is ridiculous because its been tried and tried and is very well known. You might be able to get it once, but thats probably it.

The thing with resets in this game, is they need to be intricate. THe most effective resets are the ones with an option tree at point of attack. You need to be able to form some other type of threat after the unibeam otherwise its going to be known every single time that you’re most likely going to throw.

for example. Say magneto has gotten you in the Rom. After the two LKs on the way down, he virtually has 6 options. Attack high, attack low, attack high with a cross up, attack low with a cross up, grab, or continue with rom. He also has a plethora of ways to follow through with those options that will just add more confusion.

Now lets look at ironman. In the corner with the unibeam option, he can ONLY grab or hope to land a normal. That just doesn’t sound like a very complicated reset.

When using ironman, i’d much rather do air infinite cross ups, normal jump cross ups, sjc crossups, or low level grab. Why? because he has options. When it comes to marvel, a lot of the time its not based off you reacting to resets, more so anticipating (this game is too damn fast)

this game is like 10 years old almost. we don’t want the resets that will hit a lot of people, we want the ones that will get everybody.


I only started being more assholish when you started being one totally ignoring what I was saying. trust us, don’t bother with this 100% stuff.

also, don’t even get me started on that thanos stuff, his bubble assist is WAY better.

tech master is too kind for trying to get it through to you. I feel it is in vain, but whatevs


I DO appreciate the input… Ironman is one of the few characters that I never spent much time learning b/c his basic infinite is so easy and proton cannon so dmging + frame kill…

I get why you guys are downing on the air throws… I still like to use it once in awhile but have mostly switched to the other non air-throw variety I mentioned. I also started using his ground throw to reset… at your suggestion… … end ground inf in a LATE u+fp that doesnt connect but forces blockstun… let them hit the ground and then throw… it does seem harder to see coming/get out of as you suggested and I like the OTG possibilities after…

What the best way to air to OTG combo? Air to ground inf is pretty easy… but I wanna try the air d+hk, (fall), d+hk(otg), …combo…

Something is funky with my attempts tho? Any suggestions?


are you referring to the FS combos? thats kinda awkward that you get the ATG infinite easy, because even i have problems with that unless i consistently use ironman. unless you were referring some setup to normal jump infinite?

The easiest ways for FS combos are off a launch, or in the corner. I will never do it off the launch simply because you are getting rid of your proton cannon/DHC options because of the FS animation. You could just as easily do the normal jumping infinite setups and ensure a kill.

I will, however, sometimes go for it in the corner. I still wont launch to OTG combo. I mainly use it when i have the opponent cornered and he super jumps. I’ll just go for a random sj.U+HP, adF, Neutral HP, delay, HK (otg),,,, U+HP.

In these situations is probably when you might consider a Grab reset. No need for an assist because you can time a juggle with a after a hp throw unless you’re playing sentinel, he can roll out of it.

After the J.HP of infinite you can:

land, throw
lp (blocked), throw
lp (whiffed), throw
attack low

or the neutral hp jumping throw reset if you have an assist to combo it in to.


My idea of air to ground combo is like (in air) df+fp, addf, u+fp, ground inf… Normally used when I catch them being popped up by an assist or something else leaving them low (though its not crazy hard from regular superjump height.)

Wouldn’t mind hearing about some more advanced techniques with this at all.

Thanks for clearing up the air to OTG setup… I had gotten it a few times but hadn’t really found out what I was doing right.


Most people term the phrase “Air To Ground (ATG)” infinite as those unfly setups you use to bring a person from the top of the screen down to normal jumping height. its actually a semi-infinite.

You can just call those setups you were referring to simply as “normal jump infinite setups” to clear the confusion when on the boards.

If you have problems landing the HK to OTG, you just need to make sure you time it so that his foot is hitting the person on the ground. IMMEDIATELY jump with If you do it midscreen you need to jump U/F and if in the corner its probably more beneficial to jump straight up. After the FS animation in the corner, the infinite gets iffy if you jump fwd.