"Nice Ken...LOL JK..." What is that supposed to mean?



So my mains have been Ken and Hwoarang in the game ever since I got it on Sunday. After being online for several days, and winning several matches, I keep getting messages about how I’m spamming and people commenting and insulting my Ken. However after looking at videos of him being played by others, I don’t see how my Ken is any different from other Kens.

Is there some magical better way to play as Ken, or is this just some piss poor attempt at trolling me?


People just hate losing to Ken. It’s been like that since the dawn of time.


That’s what I figured.


It’s dat day 1 vanilla fighter 4 salt. The mines still haven’t run dry yet! SRK SRK SRK!!


Anyone who uses the word “spamming” means they don’t understand anything about fighting games. Ignore them, smile, and move on.


ignore them? no give them what they deserve. Tell them they have had nearly 20 years to learn to play against ken so if they cant get it now they should give it up now because they are embarrassingly pathetic


More bs messages from people who can’t handle being beaten by Ken.

Seems to me if they have so many problems with people spamming them, they should just stop playing SFxT altogether because it’s not going to get any better for them.


If theyre complaining about ken ‘spam’ i have no idea what to think of them. unless they mean srk, in which case they should just put the game down forever


OP wins with Ken
Opponent is salty, sends salt-mail
OP is mindfucked and doesn’t understand why


Yes, that is pretty much the summation of this thread.


I’ve been having a lot of success with a Cammy and Ken team lately. I get the same thing from people who don’t know how to bypass Hadoukens and get suckered into wakeup Shoryukens EVERY. TIME.


This is the best post of all time.