Nice keyboard to buy?

was wondering anyone of u have experience with this Logitech Wireless Desktop MK300 Keyboard and Mouse??wanna buy a decent gaming keyboard. my friend suggest me to go with this one. kinda love it. but i am not sure it is that good. still, is it a good buy? anyway, i wanna my purchase worth every penny. thanks

for gaming i would avoid wireless keyboards

I have this

Cordless Desktop® Wave Pro?

The adjustable DPI on the mouse is nice though I feel like I’m always turning it lower and lower

Wireless and decent for gaming doesn’t fit together yet in 2010 I am afraid.

you have 3 keyboards that are really good products for gaming or anything else keyboardwise … atm

SS 7G Clavier Steelseries 7G - Clavier Steelseries 7G - Bienvenue sur le site officiel SteelSeries… plug it in PS/2 for to perfs
RAZER/MS reclusa Razer | For Gamers. By Gamers.? | Gaming Hardware | Buy Online
Logitech G510 Gaming Keyboard G510

you get not so bad value from these one but really not on par with the 3 above

SS Stealth Clavier Steelseries STEALTH - Clavier Steelseries STEALTH - Bienvenue sur le site officiel SteelSeries…
RAZER Lycosa Razer | For Gamers. By Gamers.? | Online Store - Razer | Gaming Keyboards | Razer Lycosa? Gaming Keyboard
Logitech G19 G19 Keyboard for Gaming
Logitech G15 G15 Keyboard
Logitech G110 Gaming Keyboard G110

any good wired PS2 or USB keayboard of a reliable brand is perfectly okay for gaming btw and doesn’t cost more than 30$. but if you are going to put extra money in that you might want to buy usefull functions like antighosting, rapid stroke detection filters, heavy duty resilience and oversampling, instead of wireless.

Mechanical switches or bust.
Mechanical Keyboard Guide - - read up a bit on keyboards, before you make any decision.
I personally use a Filco, and love it.
Avoid wireless keyboards (you’re not going to be moving it around every 2 minutes, I would assume), and most “Gaming keyboards” are just those shitty, cheap rubber membranes that are god awful. If you want to buy a keyboard- buy a good keyboard not some LED ridden monster.
<edit> Those Steelseries are suspect. We don’t know what kind of mechanical switches they are, and “gold plated”? Sounds like snake oil. You can get a Filco for a bit over 100, and you know exactly what you’re getting.
The Logitech G510 is really expensive too, and I see no benefit.
And the Razer? (like almost every product they make), its ass. A friend owns it.

IBM/Unicomp Model M.

Shit yeah. Best. Keyboard. Evar.

Will YOUR keyboard last for 30+ years?

the 7g’s switches is cherry black

I have the same feeling about razer, got a mouse of them when they first launched their brand, the driver and firmware are okay now but it took them 3 years to get things right, it also was shit ergonomy wise, they usually make “flashy hype shit” that may look appealing to geeks , but i would leave them the benefit of the doubt, i didn’t touch any of their products recently.

The G510 is probably intresting macro wise, as all the logitech line, if their claims are right on the USB sampling rate and antighosting the product is okay i guess, their is just some doubt about the quality of the switches and the responsiveness of the keystroke filtering.

As for the steelseeries 7G, the mechanical switches are top notch as is the keystroke filter, pro typist and gamers alike enjoy it a lot probably because it is on par with the typing/gaming keyboard you favor there. I’d go for this one since it is a very good and readily available product as long as you plug it with the PS2 connector, but it lacks in ease of use and macros, something what the two other products have.

Not everybody cares that much about having 5ms response and million cycle keys, over having a driver level emulated and very complete macro system hot-pluggable USB device.

Some also like shiny stuff, and a good shiny product may look more appealing than a sightly better fidelity but plain looking keyboard.

Just remember they are all good products but for diffrent reasons and they dont all shine in the same department.

the Steelseries 7G is a HI-Fi keyboard with lightning fast response time and state of the art key press comfort and ergonomics.

the Razer is the shiny looking one that looks like it rocks even to people who know shit about keyboards. best bet if you plan on bragging about your ware. it is middle gorundish performance macro and ergonomy wise.

The G510 is the macro/feedback heavy one, it is not bad in the other departments.

other keyboards i have listed just have the bare minimum with regards to functions a pro gamer would look for.

Hope this post clarifies what i meant in the first one, it is more subjective though, i don’t own any of the keyboards though, i play on an old shit.

Had I money to buy one i would go for the steelseries or the filco since I don’t care much for shine and i can program complex macros without logitech holding my hand.