Nice to Meet You! - The Alisa Bosconovitch Thread


“Nice to Meet You” - The Alisa Bosconovitch Thread

Welcome to the Alisa Bosconovitch thread. This thread will host various strategies, matchup info, combos, partners, etc. for Alisa. If you have any information that you’d like to share please do so, and I’ll do my best to update. (Will add moves ect. tonight currently at work)



Very little is known about Alisa, except from her name and creator. Alisa is created by Doctor Boskonovitch, according to her T6 prolouge, nothing else is known about her past history. Aside from her creator, only a few people know about her being a robot: Ling Xiaoyu ,Jin Kazama ,Nina Williams ,Anna Williams, Kazuya Mishima and her partner Lars Alexanderson.

Personality and character traits

Unlike most robots, Alisa possesses emotions and acts more like a human than a robot. She is a very kind-hearted individual. She speaks in a polite manner and is sensitive to others’ feelings. In Tekken: Blood Vengeance, it is shown that she is also very capable of deception, as well being quick to make friends with anyone, even Panda. And in the CGI movie, Alisa cheers Xiaoyu up telling her that she can stop the fighting between the father and sons of the Mishima house, as well as insisting that she owed Xiaoyu her life as she saved her once. She does not like to fight and hurt anyone, but when push comes to shove, she is a formidable fighter. As a robot, she is very intelligent and often speaking in technical terms. In some situations, when people call Alisa a robot, she denies that fact and insists that she is a human being, though it was never knew if she insists as such in Blood Vengeance as only a handful amount of people knew her to be a robot. When she was commanded by Jin, she doesn’t recognize Lars, she performs his commands at full efficiency. In Blood Vengeance, while she still recognises Xiaoyu when she was ordered to take Xiaoyu out, she puts her mission her top priority. So much so she does not hesitate in her attempt to kill Xiaoyu. It is shown both in the game as well as the CGI movie that Jin has full control of her, obeying his every command without any resistance. [/details]

(Tekken Tag Tournament Ending)


Alisa is with Xiaoyu, Miharu and Panda at an amusement park. Suddenly, the girls spot a photo booth and excitedly rush over to it. Alisa, not understanding what it does, goes along with Xiaoyu and Miharu and has her photo taken, though keeps closing her eyes. Alisa decides to remove her head in order to stop her sensors reacting to the flash. It works. Panda then joins in with the photo-taking.


Frame Data


Notable Moves


Looking forward to seeing this! She has one of the coolest alts ever.


Same here :slight_smile:


im planning on maining her! so i’ll be looking forward to this thread


Such a shame. There’s nothing, like, NOTHING in this thread lol

So I’ll fill up some things of interest:

Top [SIZE=6][FONT=impact]21 moves:[/SIZE][/FONT]


**1.1 **
10f jab punisher. Godlike and all (above average damage and good frame advantage). If you wanna be bold and mix things up, you can enter into DES right afterwards into the string (1.1~1+2). Nothing is guaranteed, though. Oh - on CH, the last hit knocks down.

Safe df+2. Doesn’t lauch crouchers, but I’ll take the safeness over that any day. Good range, slightly tracking to her right. The launcher of choice on most cases. Also a 16f punisher.

Alisa’s new string. Her most damaging post-bound option too. Whole string is NC, which is kinda good. You can even hit confirm the second hit into the last one. However, doesn’t jail on block and it is punishable (-12). However, first hit tracks.

Her original tracking move. Got buffed too. Kinda slow-ish, but is safe. Pushes back on block and causes a knock down on hit. On doubt, use it instead of f+4.

CH 4
Alisa’s new favorite toy at TTT2. Her Magic 4 is pretty awesome - decent range and easy to combo into.

Good poke that is even better now. Her ‘tracking right’ move of choice. You can also enter into DES after it. Safe and quick. Also a good option for oki if they backroll a lot, picking them up again.

Her ‘tracking left’ move of choice. High crushes too - and it is pretty quick. Safe too. Alisa also recovers crouching, so you can mix up stuff, like her FC throw (which is Tag Bufferable, by the way). Also a good move to catch-up backrollers.

The infamous move that got Alisa to the upper tiers at BR. Even though it was nerfed (now -12 on block, -1 on hit), it is still pretty safe at max range. Godlike tool to poke around and chip people down. Abuse it.

wr 2 / wr 3.4
They are still pretty useful. Mix them up whenever you got the chance for some nice approaches. wr 2 is still plus on block and gives you a mini combo of above average damage on hit (wr 2 + f+1+2). Since wr 2 is High and linear, mix it up with wr 3.4 to catch steppers. Both also cause wall splat. wr 3.4 is also safe.

Alisa’s hopkick. Bounds too early to give godlike damage, but is serviceable. 15f punisher of choice. Great tool to whenever you step and force a whiff, being the most reliable close-range whiff punisher avaliable. With the right partner (like Jack or Ganryu), you can net +70 damage easily, finally making her hopkick respectable.

Honorable Mentions:

FC d/f+1+2
Pretty good low on FC - gives decent damage and frame advantage on hit and mostly safe on block (-11!). The better part of it is entering into DES afterwards for some mindgames.

Got nerfed in damage (way to good in TTT2 Vanilla as a TA! move), but it is still pretty good, damage and carry-wise. It is still a good whiff punisher at mid-range. Only abusable against idiots, since anyone can sidewalk it and punish you for it.

Alisa’s most damaging NC. Good option as a TA! filler as well. Only -12 on block, so it’s not pretty punishable. Use it sparringly to catch people off guard and you’ll be good. Also wall splats (good while causing wall pressure if the opponent crouches).

DES f+1+2
Godlike move while applying wall pressure. Gives +3 on block, good for frame traps and setups. Also have a slightly good tracking, catching people if they step early.

DES f+1
Quickest move from DES, interrupts a lot of stuff. Good to frame traps too, since everything you can use afterwards can interrupt the opponent once more. Neutral frames on block.

Boot Cancel (f+3+4~b)
Yeah, you can now cancel the Boot Stance with some new perks - especially entering into Backup stance afterwards for some mindgames. Backup stance also high crushes, so it’s a good way to deal with jab-happy players.

d/f+1 Series (d/f+1.1, d/f+1.1.2, d/f+1.4)
Good poke and followups to apply some pressure. d/f+1.1 is Mid/High, while d/f+1.4 is Mid/Mid. Both are safe on block. d/f+1.1.2 is mid/high/high, but enters you into DES and gives you +6 on block. Doesn’t jail, unfortunately - but d/f+1 series are nice to add into your game to make people think/react a little harder. d/f+1.1 and d/f+1.4 are also NC (d/f+1.1.2 isn’t)

**FC d/b.d.d/b+1+2 **
Alisa’s FC Command Grab. Wanna Raw Tag safely? Use it. Nothing is guaranteed, though - but the throw is pretty nice for that use alone. Plus, it’s a 1+2 break.

If they like to stay grounded for a while or sideroll, this is your oki of choice. Awful on block and kinda slow for a low, so don’t abuse it. Stick with d/b+3 instead. Stepping and using a surprise d/b+4 is also pretty useful for a quick punishment option.

Alisa’s post-B! option near walls - awesome damage and you can enter DES afterwards. It is also the move of choice to punish Raw Tags. The string is also NCc (and safe-ish, being -10 on block [only the last two hits]).

1+2+3 & 1+2+4
Taunts. Use them.

Bleh. For now.