Nick Fury no more? Samuel L. Jackson says 'Maybe I won't be Nick Fury' (LA Times blog




Get Hasselhoff :looney:

Terrence Howard may have set the stage for this. between the Marvel movie budget, and top names wanting to get money… the fans might just miss out.

At least Don Cheadle respects the economy; bro could use the work too… not hatin’ but Sam may be after the paper

With Terrence out, I really only see 3 actors they actively want back, and Sam knows he’s one of them.


i dont want terrence as nick…sumtin about nick that terrence just couldn’t really have the swagger for.


Terrence Howard said he didn’t know anything about him not being James Rhodes until it was too late. Chances are they swapped him out for other reasons. Though they say they had problems with him during Iron Man 1.


Fury will always be a white guy in my eyes, anyway you go about it this version of fury was always a imposter IMO.


Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait…

… am I reading this right…

Samuel Jackson is TURNING DOWN A ROLE?


:confused: I wasn’t crazy about Terrence playing Rhodes myself, but mysis being “the movie buff” of the family convinced me he’d pull it off over time. he just doesn’t strike me as hardcore military to be [media=youtube]Y2VvrFa0xXk&feature=related"[/media] not that i was much into the IM or WM comics but if DC’s John Stewart could come off as hardcore military and keep the no killing you’ld think ultimate Rhodes would be a little pit of a soldierboy but rough enough to punch Stark in the jaw… IMHO Don Cheadle can play that part better ((sarcasm~ and his voice is a “manly black” unlike Terrence :arazz: yeah Terrence i said it :annoy: let them drop /sarcasm)) :sweat: what’s that about Fury?

I heard there were problems too, but I didn’t think it went beyond money… IMHO Cheadle is just a better fit.

As for Sam L Fury… his depiction is what mainly sets the movie in a more ultimates
era… i mean… its real actor Sam L. Jackson as Mahvel agent Sam L. Jackson it’s like breeding an Elvis clone and breaking his legs to play the role of Marvel jr :wonder: well…

:shake: they should have locked him in for the role


I actually got this idea from someone’s post in the Newsarama article, but Avery Brooks aka formerly known as Captain Benjamin Sisko could be a fine replacement for Sam Jackson, if money is too big of an issue.


I haven’t seen him in anything since DS9 but Avery Brooks could channel A-very convincing Sam Jackson… nice find :tup:

but hasselhoff is still an option right… :confused: he was just in disguise is all… undercover agent?


avery brooks has unr down pat. fuck all the other captains sisko was a fucking beast. unr>klingon rage


stfu evo.


stfu evo.


Quit being racist evo.


There isn’t anything wrong with what Evo said please cut it out. Nick Fury’s been white for over 40 years. If he has a problem accepting Sam Jack despite the Ultimate version being Black then that’s his porogative.

If there are things Evo has said in the past that you are relating to bring that up in other threads but keep it out of here. Take it up in PMs if you want.

Please change the subject and move on or else. No more name calling and attacks against Evo here. Thanks.


Ok. I wouldn’t be surprised as to what might be screwing the pooch with Jackson taking over the part again is that they would want him to at least also cameo in the various other Marvel movies leading up to the Avengers. Given how much Sam makes, I doubt his people are willing to have him be the lynch pin for such an endeavor without making some monster bank.


why do u always have to change the subject cause we disagree with someone as a mass group. you never allow people to discuss an argument. when you make a bold statement like black fury is an imposter you should allow time for people to actual argue against that thinking.

its a pretty bold statement and you figured people wanna say sumtin.


That’s what i was thinking. He’ld be a cameo/ bit part in every follow up movie but be as important as any of the big names leads. his guys may want lead part pay even if Sam isn’t askin for it…


Marvel is about to mess up there movie game and name.

I’m not liking how the only to black actors in the marvel movies are being dropped/replaced. Yet I’m sure robert d. Isn’t even considering being replaced, regardless of how much cash and jewels he might want.

I’ll be highly upset if nick fury if a black man doesnt play Samuel seeing as how nick fury’s popularity sky rocketed only after being modeled after SLJ. I never liked fury until the ultimates.


No one was discussing the issue. All I heard was name calling and “stfu.”

Do we REALLY have to go through the whole Rik “I don’t like John Stewart I like Hal Jordan more” thing all over again? If said person is a troll they will get banned eventually as was the case with Rik. Some people take this thing WAAAY too personal. Making Nick Fury into Samuel Jackson in the Ultimate-verse was a HUGE change for anyone familiar with the character’s history. I’m rather indifferent about it but not everyone is that way.

If you wish to discuss the issue, that’s fine. Leave name calling out of it, cursing someone out or assuming someone is a racist because they said what they said. Like I always say, treat people the same way you would like to be treated. That’s all I ask.


just because your indifferent doesnt mean we’re all the same way nor do we all think the same way you do. he wasn’t talking specifically about his character but the color…he wasnt mentioned the attitude of black fury, because ultimate fury is different in personality not just color than 616 and so obviously racial issues come into play. Just cause u dont think it does…doesnt make it true ya know?