Nick Menza, former Megadeth drummer, dies on stage at age 51


He was with Megadeth for a long time. He drummed and sometimes did backing vocals on their 90s stuff. Rust In Peace, Countdown to Extinction and Youanasia being a few of the albums he was with them for.


Fuck 2016.


Nnnnnnooooooooo, what the hell, man. 51 years old… He was my favorite metal drummer, he beasted it so much in Rust in Peace, one of the biggest reasons why that album is so awesome.


Okay, seriously. 2016 needs to ease the fuck up a little bit!
R. I. P. Nick Menza. Another individual who will be missed… and whose legacy will live on through their relatives and the material they made.


You know a drummer is good when he makes a drum intro sound hype as fuck.


FUK! RIP to the one of the best drummers I’ve seen.


51? Wow…he was still young. Fucking hell


DAMN!! Decided to check GD front page and saw this. R.I.P.



I don’t keep up with Megadeth these days but Countdown to Extinction and Youthanasia were part of the soundtrack of my youth. Great albums, talented guy, RIP.





This is terrible, but my immediate thought was “that’s so fucking metal.”



R.I.P. nick, damnit!


Megadeth>>Metallica IMO

It’s too bad Nick passed like this. 50s is prime time for heart attacks tho if you haven’t taken care of yourself. Still, he’s a core member, Megadeth will never be the same. :frowning: