Nick Tanella's Oni

Hey guys,

I’ve been streaming my Oni gameplay on twitch the past few months,

I’ve learned a lot and would love to share my knowledge with you guys! (Best Keyboard Oni in the world)

I’m going to be creating an Oni Tutorial on Youtube very soon so if you guys are interested please follow/subscribe

Overmostheads (omh) came in to the channel and followed me the other day promising to show me some sweet tech! (I geeked out so hard on stream, haha)

Here’s my channel:

Check out some of my highlights, especially this one:

:smiley: <3

Arcade Stick Giveaway @1K Followers (MadCatz TE)

Followed. Also I don’t think that was PR Rog, his gamertag is BalrogPR isn’t it? I could be wrong and it was a GG either way. Looking forward to you showing up on my feed, I’m currently learning Oni as well.

Nah it was definitely him, on PC he goes by PR Balrog or PR Rog, he was live at the time thats why at the end im telling the people in chat to tell him to give me a sec haha, thanks for the follow :slight_smile: