Nickel City Chicago dollar saturdays (8/2)


here are the top 5 placers for each game

1)Ari W.(Floe) - chun li
2)Domingo A.(nigga D) - urien
3)Eric C. (bob washington) - ken?
4)Kris W. (chiguy) - ryu?
5)Rashad M. - chunli / Marc A. (madbooface)- chunli

1)Marc A. (madbooface)
2)George F. (juicy g)
3)Derek D. OR Tony K (result was not recorded, let me know)
5)Ari W. (Floe)


  1. Ari W. (floe) - sol
  2. Lex - dizzy
  3. George F. (juicy G) - sol
  4. Eric C. (bob washington) - sol
  5. rashad M. - chipp/baiken / Jim LaPointe (cracka J) - axl


  1. Ari W. (floe) - vega?
    2)Rashad M. - chunli
  2. Domingo A. (nigga d) - balrog/ryu
    4)Kris W. (chiguy) - ?
  3. Dennis Q. (ukyo) - ryu / Clinton - ?


  1. Ari W. (floe)
  2. Rashad M.
    3)Domingo A. (nigga D)
    4)Dennis Q. (ukyo)
  3. Eric C. (bob washington) / Moses


First of all, sorry I couldn’t make it. But well…I got a job :sweat: :eek:. Second, good job to everyone, especially Ari, since he pretty much owned everything.

But, what happened to George in 3S, and A3?

Hope you guys are all ready for EVO.

  • Mike


i suck at mvc2 :frowning:


Damn, Cracka, I currently have no answer for your Axl right now…he stops both my Sol and Baiken cold. :frowning:

Makes me want to learn Axl next… hmmm… or maybe I’ll make my May “Anti-Axl”, lol… or not… -_-

Anyways, good games everyone.


Good shit indeed, except getting bumped 3 out of 4 rounds in Super Turbo :bluu: before the machine was turned, but it was fun.


I got 3rd in Marvel Cracka. Good games all. Wish they didn’t replace Cvs2 after I practiced in that game for 3 weeks but oh well.


Playing Axl and not getting atleast third in a local is impossible.


How many people played in XX? Surprised to see that Dennis didnt place, congrats to everyone who did, sorry I couldn’t be there.

Help with consistent Super Turbo special move inputs

gg’s to all

derek got 3rd