Nickel City people v.2

I have not visited this forums for quite some time and I’m coming back since the last time I went to nickel city there were so many people that visited this forums.
In nickel city I am not sure if you guys remmeber me, but I am that asian guy that was playing with Twelve.
Some of you that was there rarely come there or comes there on a different day, I would like to get better and would like to improve my game with Twelve. (Eventually, I wish to get my twelve on the same style as the japanese players: Yamazaki and that one guy named Moto).

If any of you that goes to nickels and would like to have more competition, a few of my friends are very competitive as well, please just send me a private message. I can give you my cell number or you give me your cell number and we can schedule days on when we can meet and have some nice competition.

I really wanna be good at this game but finding opponents to play seems kinda rare.

Thanks and I hope to hear from you~

Dont post here instead post in the Chicago thread in the Midwest forums.

Haha ur lucky i noticed this heh, but yeah post in the chicago, there are lots of people still playing 3s.