Nickel City people

Hi Dennis, George, Derek and everyone else…

don’t know if you remember me but youve seen me a few times at nickel city. I entered the MvC2 tournament saturday, Im that asian guy that plays BlackHeart/IceMan/SonSon.

you told me when I talked to you on the phone to post here so thats just what Im doing so anyways here goes…

This Saturday (the 9th?) were holding our usual gathering, and all of you are invited. Dennis, Derek and George I would like to invite you guys and hope you guys can bring more people too, the more the merrier.

We will probably have 3 TVs going for Super Smash Bros; Guilty Gear, and Marvel vs Capcom2. We would probably alternate one of the other games for 3rd Strike should there be any demand for it.

Youve been to the gathering before, So im sure you know how to get there. Also bring your own sticks, and some people over if youll come.

You should also know one of my friends, he comes to nickel’s quite often. His names david but goes by the name BulletHead (dunno why).

Only problem with Guilty Gear is that, we only have reload.
So if you can try to bring accent core and the PS2 system.

To everyone:
The place isnt too far from the HIP actually. If youre familiar with Milwaukee/Ballard… or if you want a more familiar intersection its the next light after milwaukee/Dempster.

If you guys are interested feel free to contact me at: 847 612 6474

Try to invite your GGXX friends over… also can you contact me, I lost your number.

I think I remember you from the other day. I was the guy playin Dudley late at night. You were playing Twelve right?

hey man, sounds like I live about 5 minutes from you. I’m off golf/dee in des plaines.
doesn’t sound like anything big is going on this weekend, so this may be a good gathering to hit up. you should post up in the chicago thread too so lazy people can read there as well.

hey, I think I’ve played you before, the guy using twelve right? Well anyway, if theres room I’d be interested in coming. I’m always looking to get better at 3s/learn how to play mvc2. I can most likely bring a tv/modded ps2 and games. Lemme know.

Yes that was me playing twelve at nickel city.

If you guys are interested you guys are more than welcome to come!
Still several more days before the gathering so plenty of time to organize it.

i might be up for this as well.

Saturday I’ll be at the club, pullin’ bitches and hoes and the like.

great success!

what did I tell you last time? the retirement home is not a club.

Darn it Derek! You haven’t come to the gathering in a long while. Was really hoping you can show up so someone can slaughter Dave in marvel :lol:

We also invited another guy that used to work for the HIP and said he will bring more people too (GGXX and 3rd Strike players).

Well this invitation is for those that wants to come
Everyones welcome.

Thanks for the invite frank. Saturday I may be going to blues fest so I dunno i can make it. but if that plan falls thru i’ll see if i can come out.

Those old mama’s no how to work it.

yo derek, share some of that sweet nectar with us

Dentureless BJs, FTW?

Might go to this one, Frank, we’ll see how everthing goes (I live nearby the HIP so it shouldn’t be that far)

I think I’m down for this as well. Can you pm me an actual address so I can find my way come saturday? Also what time are you planning this gathering for?

Quit partying and learn to spin!

yo, hook me up with directions too. PM or IM, whatever

Okay Ive already sent the location via PM…
Hope to see you guys there
Bring your own sticks
(and please dont bring any alcohol)

See you guys att the gathering.
George hope you can make it there too, same goes for you derek.

I’ll be there man. I mapquested the addy you gave me, you are really 5 minutes away from me. If you interested in playing accent core regularly, I usually have a few peeps over at my place on fridays/saturdays as well. I’m sure we’ll figure something out.

Throw in some 3rd, and I might show.
PM the address to me.
Or someone call me.