Nickel city results for 6/4

1st: Floe(Chun)
2nd: Eric" Bob Washington" Collazo(Chun)
3rd: Rashad"Rism" Miller(Chun)

last tourney featured a guest appearance by Nigga D this tourney featured another Chicago OG Rashad. I lost really badly(fuck ken) to Eric and Big Marcus.


1st: Floe(eddie)
2nd: Elven Shadow(faust)
3rd: me(Sol)

nothing really exicting happens. Ari wins like 4-1 against bozac.


1st: Me(msp/Santhrax)
2nd: Player Unknown(Msp)
3rd: GLB (Msp


damn good stuff

Sucks I couldn’t make it…again.

Props to Sergio for raping me. Guess I’ve lost the touch.

you had a touch?

why are you never online anymore?1?!?!?!

Wow don’t say one word to at nickel’s and then give me random hate online. Good job.

Wow I can botch up sentences like a mutha.

You’re on ignore for unprovoked hate. Yea I know you care so much.