Nickel City

Went to a fly-ass show here last night, there’s gonna be another one tonight at 7PM. I realize NC ain’t the place to play but if you want to hear and maybe even see some siccass music, i’ll be there playing CVS2 between sets.

Nickel City, San Jose

  • Mar 29 Tera Melos, AIDS Wolf (Canada), Doctor Nurse, Matsuri The Fratellies a/a $8 7pm **
  • Mar 30 Mae Shi, PRE (U.K.), Hard Girls, Team Andrew The Fratellies a/a $8 7pm **


I know the guys in hard girls, my band has played with their other bands at nickel city and other places, I can confirm that they are awesome. I like to rock the power stone 2 between sets.

What’s your band called?