Nickelback appreciation thread! NICKELBACKERS UNITE


so why does this band get so much hate?


look at how amazing these guys are. Why do they get so much hate? Post any media you have of them here!

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Really bro?


What is this nonsense?


Because they have absolutely no musical talent.


I was in a music store the other day, and for some reason, Silver Side up was being featured, and was like, 25 bucks. Blew my mind. The only explanation is I was in some kind of black magic time distortion parallel universe where Nickleback is worth real money.


absolutely genius and beautiful troll thread



This is a blatantly obvious troll thread with zero amount of wit, but joke’s on you, I love Nickelback.

They are the Nic Cage of music.


I wouldn’t throw 25 Bison Bucks at that.





I love them because they put my favorite song on every album of theirs, about 12 times.


This statement is oddly true.


I never understood what was so bad about them. I think they have good music and their lyrics aren’t bad either. I hear people saying they suck, but nobody has given me a good reason to understand why they hate them. Sure they aren’t having sexual intercourse with vampire bats or biting the heads off of rabid buffalo, but other than people on bath salts, who in the rock industry is doing that? You can call Nicklebacks music a form of rock right?



I think the real question here is whether or not Nickelback fans ACTUALLY refer to themselves as “Nickelbackers?” Or is this guy just bad at making thread names?

I don’t know enough Nickelback fans irl to even figure this out.


LOL Damn I nearly dropped by bowl of ramen I was about to laugh so hard.


What is…am I…should I…what?


There’s worse music out there.

I’d rather listen to Nickelback than “Like a G6”, or anything by Soulja Boy.


telling girls you like nickleback will not get you pussy period…

if so, the most stale pussy ever…


its because all their music sounds the same. its just blah. just google nickelback sounds the same. linkin park suffers from the same problem, plus their lyrics are emo. i’d still rate linkin park over nickelback because of the sweet DBZ music videos that i can find online



So in your opinion, what is wrong with their music? Is it to mainstream for you? Who are you comparing nickelbacks music to? While I don’t listen to much… rock? I do know what I like. Point me at a group that you think is better by comparison so I’ll know what good music is.