NieR: Automata - Platinum's Take on all the Weirdness of NieR and Drakengard


First gameplay is here and is glorious:

Looks like a brilliant mix of Bayonetta and Devil May Cry

PS: I really liked Drakengard 3

E3 2016 trailer and videos:

Video Game General 3.0 - You know what should come back? Pre-rendered backgrounds!


action gifs



isnt P* just doing the combat?


I hope this NEVER gets ported to the Wiiu


I’ve been reading about it and it seems that P* is indeed developing the whole game, not just the action/combat parts


No, P* is developing the game as a whole, but Yoko Taro is the director. It’s just like the previous games, but instead of working B-tier developers like Cavia, he’s working with PURE PLATINUM developers.


I’ll admit I was NEVER interested in Nier before but this one by the god Platinum has me very excited. I’ll be picking it up day 1 for sure. Hopefully it’s light enough on story where I won’t feel too lost jumping in.


NieR 1 is pretty heavy on story. Its an action RPG.


Yup, story was really strong in the original Nier. Yoko Taro has a really distinct style/weirdness to the plot, setting and characters, best seen in Nier, Drakengard and Drakengard 3. It’s why him working with P* is such a dream team - he’ll be single handedly holding up the story/vision of the game.

If you want the basic idea, Nier is the story of a dude who is trying to cure his daughter of the Black Scrawl - a fantasy incurable disease.
Then everything goes wrong. Ev. Ry. Thing.


Don’t forget these games have amazing soundtracks too, even if the lyrics are a made up language.




Platinum working on it is good especially since Cavia is no longer around. To be fair, Cavia did a great job on NIER. Can’t say the same for whoever made D3, that game was atrocious.


I just came like fiddy times.


When Automata was first announced, it felt way too good to be true. The original Nier is in my top 10 favorite games of all time, and with it selling poorly on top of Cavia going under… a sequel was the LAST thing anyone could ever expect.

Nier was a nice, but weird gem of last generation that holds, imo, the most memorable OST of last generation. Combat was pretty shallow and the game looked really bad from a technical standpoint, but now it’s being developed by my favorite studio Platinum Games (the KINGS of action games) with Akahiko Yoshida being involved (who also was involved on some of my other favorite games of all time) … this still feels like a dream, lol. Definitely gonna be my most anticipated game in a long time.


Drakengard 3 has such an amazing soundtrack too!

Here’s the trailer and also the opening for the game, both in english and japanese:


I’ve had the first Nier for a while never popped it in yet. 0.0


That and the story are pretty much the only good things about the game… somehow their second game for last gen looked and played worse than the game they made prior to it. Outside the Assassin’s Creed series, I don’t think I’ve played any game with such a shitty framerate and awful camera.


Sony is killing it with all these exclusives.


Seriously though, very excited to see what Platinum brings to the table alongside the great universe and music Drakengard/NieR is known for.