NieR: Automata - Platinum's Take on all the Weirdness of NieR and Drakengard


i am loving the presentation of the set.


i just discovered that yoko taro uses the “Celestial Alphabet”
created by a guy from the renaissance by the name of heinrich agrippa

and you can see it all throughout Automata.

yoko taro…you mindfucking me bruh



the 3 disc orchestral arrangement set got released. at least in japan, 21st here. its the same songs but different sounding. like emil’s song …theres no singing, etc. but good tho.


This game has to have one of the best sound tracks I have ever played through.

I honestly wish more people would have played this one.


so i just found out that the “god” referred to in this cutscene, is actually Beepy robot from the first Niergame.
a guy in the youtube comments explains in detail

Blockquote In the story “The Fire of Prometheus” featured in Grimoire NieR, it’s revealed that Beepy was repaired by little robots left behind in the Junk Heap.
When he wakes up, he begins merging with other robots, thus creating a hive mind.
Their goal is to escape the Junk Heap and see the outside world, because the only memory they have left of Kalil (the shade that was friends with Beepy) is a promise to see the outside world.
You see, the “volcano” mentioned in the video is actually the Junk Heap, and the “god” is actually the Beepy hive mind escaping.
As they escape the “volcano,” they come across some machines the aliens built, and they manage to open up a network of thought between them, giving the alien machines the ability to have cognitive thought and a conscience.
At the end of this video, you see the machines light up. This is to signify that the machines have finally “activated” in the sense that they can now think separately from the alien network and be peaceful beings.