Night of the living bad games- BG4


Shut up bitch.


First of all, BGS to GGPO. Is it just me or has GGPO gone straight down the crapper? Prior to maybe two months ago, ~95% of my games were with chill people with the rest being the whiners/ragequiters/trolls, etc. Now it seems like the total opposite. Also, it’s been laggy as HELL and so damn hard to connect to people.

I come back after taking a break for few months and bam! All of my games are BGs. BGs to majority of my matches yesterday, with lag abusers who constantly taunted and shit talkers who wouldn’t shut up.

Today, BGs to Stryder### . Obviously better than me, but I’ve played better players before so I was expecting a fun challenge. I beat his Hugo with my Ryu after losing to him and he picks Ryu for a mirror match. Since I knew he was better than me in terms of zoning and execution, I played patiently and barely beat him 3 games. H then quits, probably butthurt from losing to another Ryu, with a random yet somehow typical ragequit remark, “boring ass turtle”.

I didn’t know baiting/avoiding shoryus and parrying obvious jump-ins made someone a turtle. This feels like 2DF all over again. Not a day goes by without me wishing there was a decent arcade with 3s near my house.


Dyne is the most annoying, whiny bitch on GGPO IMO. Dude played me once, I was using one of my not so good characters (Elena, and my Elena is quite good for my bad characters,) he won one match out of 3 (won the last one,) and goes back in the room and goes “I did it! Helgen is such a fucking noob, I just owned him”. And he had like 2 fan boys or roomates in the room agreeing, even though I posted the screenshot lol. Dude tries to parry everything, and brags about playing Japanese players, like if a lot of them are even good. I live in Japan now, and most of the players are decent.

Aside from throwing that childs name out, I really got owned by Great Japan… I want a rematch against him so badly.


So I think I just played some guy in Canada for the hell of it (I’m in florida) so the connection was fucking awesome, I lost the majority of the matches and won a handful and get complaining about technical shit over ggpo. So, I play Q, that’s strike one, I’m playing on ggpo with you all the way in Canada, strike two…

AND I’m playing SA3 every now and then, that’s like three strikes by itself. You use Yun, Makoto which shit all over Q, I’m talking like a big nasty shit, then they wipe with his trenchcoat. I win a few matches and it’s “sigh” then it’s Akuma hurricane kick spam and “this is the only way I know to beat you, you’re just too random”. My IQ dropped several points, it’s fucking Q on ggpo in lag and if Akuma’s hurricane kick spam is the only way you know to beat Q, you’re hurtin’. Did I mention this was on ggpo? I activate SA3 when you play Makoto and you runaway jumping mk spam, knowing I can’t catch you or counter that but not one complaint from me about that because it’s just casual fun. Frame skips and all that great stuff and not a peep out of me, I really didn’t care I was just playing to pass time, it’s a game. =P

But complain away if it makes you feel better about yourself. It’s a great defense to losing.


Does makoto’s command grab startup faster than DANGER?


Bad games to Pyrolee-DenjinArcade on GGPO. 3S match, I use my main Alex, and he went with Yun, and he did patterned shit. Beats me one round, and taunts at the end. 2nd round I rape him, 3rd round is close (Alex’s jLP beats Yun’s Dive btw) and I beat him, I don’t taunt, and he ragequits.


You know what everyones problem is? They play 3s, that game is horrible.

Play ST.


On GGPO it is anyway…


I concur.


BG’s to sphinxXxxX on SS V SP on GGPO. This guy takes himself way too seriously. We had a match like 2-3 days ago, I go with my main Genjuro and he went with Yunfei or someone else. I win one, he wins one, then in the 3rd matchup I knock him down, I do BC hop attack as he gets up and he does Yunfei’s AB which acts like an SRK (I don’t play Yunfei so I don’t know the name of that) and squeaks by with a victory. I say ‘lucky’ that’s it, nothing more. This guy freaks out and starts calling me names, and refuses to play anymore.

Now recently, I watch him fight against another dude, and he’s just mashing AB all day with Haomharu (Ryu) and then he calls me a scrub and I challenge him. He says my Rasetsumaru (Evil Ryu) sucks and I challenge him, I’m not name calling him or anything. I pick Evil Ryu again, and I beat him 3 times a row, he starts whining that he isn’t using his main (as he picked Yunfei). I reset and say ‘Pick your main’ and he picks Yunfei, and he just mashes and does unsafe stuff all day, I beat him. I write ‘seriously?’ and he again complains that he isn’t using his main, then he picks Tam Tam. He beats me in the first matchup (he just turtles with him, nothing special) and I beat him in the second matchup, and he continues to whine. I end it after that.

Didn’t mean to write an essay. All the SS players I’ve spoken with have been cool people except this one guy. Player beware.




kax sucks

you suck man and abuse your admin powers like a little bitch. YOU GOT OWNED SON!!!


cheerz for this much apreciated


BGs too all 2-match-quitters on ggpo.


Haha man, no one posts in this thread anymore. Time to make this thread my blog:

BGs but big laughs to Akashic from Australia(if I have my flags correctly). I’m on at 5 am, which was like 20 min ago, due to my insomnia and this clown challenges me. Seeing how no sane American player comes on this late I took my losses and started playing him. Okay now, it’s damn laggy and there are black bars EVERYWHERE, which is an common occurrence on GGPO, but this was pretty damn severe. I’m talking health meters being completely blocked out, leaving me to guesstimate the damages. Anyways, so we play and I basically win all the matches. No big deal, we’re playing in lag, who cares, right?

This classy fellow [rage]quits and starts playing some other dude. So I called him out on it, mainly because I’m damn bored and needed something to do, same reason why I’m here. He blamed me for using Hugo and having a bad internet connection. I mean, wtf, he’s using Ibuki(SA1) against Hugo, in lag, and then basically blamed me for living on the opposite side of the planet. Not to mention this guy was SWEEPING on my wakeup with full bar. Freaking LOL


<Akashic> Oh well, your hugo wasnt anything remarkable anyways. You cant even kara gigas
<Akashic> later chum§

LOL. I love GGPO sometimes. I didn’t get to play any real matches but damned if I didn’t laugh.



This guy is so terrible! I beat damn near all of his characters and he was so salty. He said something along the lines of “if u beat me in ft10 then im michael jackson”. He went with Honda vs my Dic and it was something like 10-2 me. Then he was so salty that he said “ok 2 more if i lose im gay”. Well, I guess he’s gay now. The shit that people say online is just so hilarious.


Hey Kewanda or Kewada or w/e the fuck your name is from Canada: maybe if you macro or turbo more you won’t get your face split open by me online as much. Fucking shithead.

Who the fuck cheats in an online game? Seriously, go outside and breathe some air.

I’m tired of these poser pieces of shit playing ST thinking they are good or OG or some shit.

Fuck outta here.


Shozo-Hirono GGPo karnove room. Their we were having some games, then suddenly he quite the session only to returns and start calling me retard and tells me how I should play. I asked him "Can’t we just enjoy the game? This person then says “Try harder?” such jerk these days.


bad games to kaxblastard on the PC version of AE. that guy uses a lag switch when he’s about to lose D:


What happened to ChibiPotPie