okay here’s my nightcrawler entry for a contest at , done in watercolor.

this first one is the full pic, but when it got saved as a GIF it got distorted (note the black dots in the greys on his hands and feet)

Full Version:

Closeup of kurt:



I have this issue with this is a fan art gallery for fanart of capcom correct why put marvel stuff when their a million other art sites. Well thats just me. His right foot looks madd big, I likem the water color kinda feel as a whole its cool.



scott is alive!!!

wtf man?!?!? where the fuck have you been??!??


looks good. nightcrawler is one of my favorites. his right foot seems a little off, but i like the watercolors alot.

so what if this is marvel art? non capcom art has been posted on this board forever.


um…the are some people who have posted on this page for years…yakuza being one of them.
he can post whatever the fuck he wants.

if we’re going to get rid of non capcom shit lets start w/ all the fucking shitty dragonball z stuff…ugh


Isecond the vote on the dbz thing. The dbz scene was soo 98, cartoon network is doing naythign to keep this show alive. Watch their rating plummet like janets titty.


I seen this, but haven’t seen it colored. Good stuff man I think watercolor is your media. About the noncapcomish artwork, not to dis anyone, but the rules say you can post anything you want except nudity. I am a victim to posting whatever in the past also.

No one mods this place anyways so I don’t think we will have any problems.


i love it… great job!


Far out!
Your Nightcrawler Rocks! Very inventive structure and pose.

I’ve been meaning to get around to drawing a version of him for ages. He’s such a cool character. I was going to based mine on the X-man movie design though.

As for Posting Non-Capcom.
If you could’nt post Non Capcom my thread would have only about 3 or so pics.:frowning:


there never really has been any kind of fanart that hasn’t been ok on SRK - save for the ecchi & hentai stuff. Marvel art is definitely welcome.

Nightcrawler pic looks good… only gripe is that he’s just floating in space - is he jumping away from the blast? Got blown away? Just teleported onto the scene? A more dynamic pose would give a better understanding of what he’s doing (and in the last case, a dark cloud around him with a “BAMF!” sfx is the custom ^_^).

curious - why did you save as a GIF instead of a JPEG?

cool pic though.


thanks all!

MAXX: i don’t thuink i’ve ever been known for posting actual SF fanart here. as for the foot, i meant for all of his hands and feet to be really big, but unfortunately none of the hands or feet are drawn in proportion with each other so it throws the whole thing off.

RABID: ha ha that’s right fucker, i’m still alive and well. just been dead to the online world is all. i was actually up at massart on the 1st day of this semester, even got your girl andrea’s #. ha ha not bad for a guy with a gf. i heard from rachel that you’re going back to savannah next semester?

RYUHO: thanks, actually SFMC gave me some pointers on how to fix the foot. but i couldn’t quite get it right and was too lazy to work hard enough to figure it out.

SFMC: thanks. ha ha i actually meant to send this to you but it’s pointless now isn’t it?

KUNO: thank you.

CPTMUNTA: thanks a lot!

ROOK: always bringing the valid crits, rook. yeah i kinda wnated a frozen moment pic, but you made me realize that he’s not really reacting to the explosion at all. ah i guess that’s what poor planning does to a picture. and i saved it as a GIF cause my webhost wouldn’t let me upload a big enough jpeg (it lost like all the detail) but it would let me upload a big GIF.

thanks again all!