Nightmare On Elm Street Reboot Again

I’m down for this. I had a half hour discussion on how terrible that reboot was, with Mr Englund, a few years ago. And Robert is the best Freddy.

Thought the remake was pretty legit, better than new nightmare by a damn stretch.

Either way meh, will be a good watch I guess, cant knock Elm Street.

Fuck you for getting my hopes up with that title,sir.

ummmm, how so?

Remake just introduced teens then slaughtered them. Nancy doesn’t even appear until part way through the second act. Spent a ton of time introducing you to the broad who gets dragged around the bedroom ceiling, instead.

Robert said something like “Killing teens in a horror film without giving us a reason to care is like shooting fish in a barrel.” And it’s true. In previous Freddy movies, up until the later ones, the death’s had meaning. When somebodies friend or girlfriend or boyfriend died, you felt bad. Here, it was just dude’s from the original showing up just to immediately get snuffed.

Add to that the sub plot about whether or not Freddy was innocent, and it just became hard to sit through.

im confused…if your movie made a good amount of money…why remake it? dont you remake on failing projects…not one that actually could suceed and flourish.

probably because nobody involved in the remake was coming back. So we get a new age Freddy movie with the OG himself.

edit: You can still make a Jason or Freddy movie, and make it profitable. They cost like 30-40 million dollars to make, and bring in like 100+. They just can’t pump em out as fast as they used to, in the 80’s and 90’s.

“-Starring Robert Englund”

Double post for some reason.

Ima lose my shit if i hear “FREDDIE IS BACK, BITCH!”

best scene from all Freddy movies. :triumph: dudes face at the end lol.

…so you’d rather they try a new Freddy, when the best one is still ready, willing, and able?

I think you are completely missing the context of my statement. Go back and read both of my posts again,sir.

The article doesn’t say that Robert Englund will be starring in it lol.

oh damn, see that’s what I didn’t see. Oh fuck, yeah, I guess I’ll have to change that title. I swear when I heard them announce it they said Robert was attached.

I saw the same thing on twitter t’other day, must have been mis-info :confused:

Stop watching shit like this and Jurassic World. Make them fuckers create something new, and embrace writers and artists who actually have fresh and interesting ideas that should be explored.

The remake wasn’t bad, why wouldn’t they just continue the “original” series?

I want a new Friday 13th sequel to the remake which was above and away the BEST horror remake ever. It is the only remake that I’ve seen to be better than every single one of the original movies. They’d be dumb not to continue in that direction.

My main problem with the remake was that they tried to mishmash several moments and one liners from the original series to the point to where it was just cringe worthy. It felt like they were trying so hard to be like “See? It’s just like the other ones!!”

The remake of NoES was almost a shit for shot remake of the original, with the subplot about Freddy maybe being innocent.

Jason was at least new, and pretty much combined part 2 to part 4. I thought the idea of Jason having them bells all over, to signal where his victims were, was sorta neat.

As long as the new NOES have scenes like this then I’m happy. Also the best NOES was part 4 IMHO.