Nightmare On Elm Street Reboot Again

naaa, Dream Warriors was best Nightmare movie.

Fuck yes it is.

Dream Warriors was horse shit, unless am thinking about the one where the bitch beats on Freddy at the end with karate and does summersaults n shit…

umm nope, Dream Warriors is where Nancy comes back to train those kids how to fight Freddy. One dude is a magician, one dude isn’t crippled, black guy somehow lives to the next movie, and some chick gets killed by a massive heroin overdose when her track marks start sucking for heroin.

best kill scene will always be the nintendo one lmfao

I think what else was missing from the remake of NoES, was the creative kills implemented in the older NoES…

I love Freddie, but we don’t need another reboot.

I don’t believe I’m actually going to agree with Raz0r. LOL!!! To me, Robert owned the role of Freddy. One reason I didn’t like the “remake” is I felt that Jackie Earle Haley tried his best to set himself apart from Robert but it didn’t work.

Shut the fuck up, Gimpy.

I liked Rorschach as Freddy.
What I didn’t like was the rest of the fucking movie.
The teens in that film were god-awful.

What am I supposed to feel except relief when one of them dies?
“Thank God that twat is dead”.
Can’t get invested in a slasher film when I don’t give a fuck about the characters.

Obviously every slasher film needs some human garbage on which the bad guy can demonstrate how dangerous he is, but when the whole cast including the people who survive the longest are all shallow retards, there’s no one to connect/identify with, no one to root for and everything becomes another shitty Friday the 13th film.