anyone played this version yet? saw it had online play as well so i was wondering about that as well.


Thanks for reminding me. I got it for xmas and we still haven’t played it, Roomates and I all split rock band and have been playing that (up until the guitar and drums both broke)

Ill have to pop it in and give it a try, The Saturn game was a lot of fun as a kid


yeah it was hey let me know how this one is


i played it for a while, the racing is good some time frustrating, only downfall 3 courses to race


Not as strong a game as NiD, got borked for a number of reasons (the fact that it started out as a PS360 game, for one… Sonic Team got shorted). Not nearly as good as it could have been, after all the years of us waiting. But ya, I’ve played it through and through, it’s still enjoyable. I’ve had connection problems playing online though.

Wow, just realized how far back these threads on the Wii page are.


I don’t think anyone should be bothering with online play, except for the My Dream, and score attacking.

Nice seeing someone from the NiD forums.