Nightwing Thread

Anything that has to do with Nightwing. From Comic Books to merchandise discuss.
Let start with the writing to me im not really feeling this whole current arc. I wan’t nighwing to go back to bludhaven and i wan’t arcs like in Nightwing#44:tdown:

You don’t like the current arc? I really liked the banter between Nightwing and Robin. It’s also been great how Tomasi has played close attention to New York’s geography and really set him up right. Not to mention they are bringing up all of the ties he’s had to other people in the DCU, something that’s really been missing from the book. The only thing that’s missing is having Nightwing defeat a major Marvel villain like oh, I dunno, DEATHSTROKE! I’d even settle for Bane or somebody. But it’s well known that Didio doesn’t care for the character so lots of luck getting any of that past editorial. Still hoping for the best though.

Big thread full of positive reviews of the last issue and the current arc BTW lol -

So many things wrong with that Sano, and you are the mod (maybe)?! BLASPHEMY!

That was totally a Skrull answer, and if you want Marvel Deathstroke can’t go wrong with Deadpool, or Cable, or anyone with a mask and/or gun…

Ah, you got me. :rofl:

I hear Nightwing is emo…plus that Alex Ross refuses to draw Rick Grayson on account that he’ll always be the green-underwear donning Robin till the end of his days.

It will be the first and only time I’m sure Sano lol, got to help Zephy keep you on your toes when he isn’t around.

Nightwing is a badass character that I enjoy, but I haven’t read much on him. Lately I’ve been wanting to get his old TPB’s, mostly stuff dealing with him taking down Blockbuster.

Oh and it’s Dick Grayson Akutabi, damn I’m on a roll tonight.

^I know, but I don’t like using Dick as a shortening for Richard(s).
Hell if you like, watch ep. 7 of The Batman Season 5 where Bruce keeps calling Dick to calm down cuz Hal Jordon was in the Batcave. After that scene you might understand why I write Rick instead of Dick :stuck_out_tongue:

Touche my friend, touche lol. I don’t need to watch, my imagination is filling in all the blanks. So wrong…

The old arc’s when he was a cop in bludhaven seemed more darker then the current arcs.
I miss Tad…
Don’t get me wrong his current arcs are dark but i miss the realistic arc’s with the mob, crooked cops in the dept. gang wars, drugs, sex

Whatever happened to that villain of his who’s head was like twisted all the way around due to messing with Blockbuster one to many times? He was pretty cool, and fit the Batman type rogues gallery of “Crazy fucked up dude”.

tim drakes the emo one.

His name is Torque

He did draw Nightwing once for a drawing based on Batman The Animated Series. Long time ago.

Though yeah, Ross is against Nightwing, any Green Lantern that isn’t Hal Jordan, any Flash that isn’t Barry and he won’t draw Spider-Man in the black suit either. So by choice he won’t draw any of these characters. Unless you pay him a lot of moneys, possibly. :rofl:

The current arc is pretty fun(especially Dick and Tim’s conversation about Power Girl lol), but I agree that ever since Bludhaven it really hasn’t been addictive. No central villians/supporting cast really hurts it right now. The stuff with Vigilante and that Eddie dude was going in that direction, but…that fell through looks like.

What the hell is Deathstroke doing these days, tied up in the Salvation Run crap? He needs to show up.

That series was shit for a looong time.

There was Devin Grayson, and the OYL fiasco.

Getting raped by a 15 yo girl:rolleyes:

It was just sad. Glad it’s back to normal

i haven’t read comics in quite awhile, and i caught up on nightwing first. i really liked the last four issues. and i pretty much agree with everything else stated here.

oh, and art by rags morales? always awesome.

Sano, is there any comic you don’t read!!!

You either earn a fortune, put yourself in debt every month or work in a comics shop, which is it?

This one time, I asked Sano the same question. The next day, I got a letter from Marvel and DC’s lawyers. I can’t say any more about the situation because it’s very shysty.

LOL I work in a Law Firm and make a lot of money. Enough for me to live on my own and away from my parents and so on. My rent’s not too bad since my landlord is my brother’s wife’s brother, on top of that my apartment is pretty huge! I don’t really drive since I live in NYC and use mass transit since I’m am an environmental guy so gas isn’t a problem, but if I have to drive on occassion I’ll just rent a car for that. I’m also very good at budgeting money to get the things I want and have enough for everything else.

On average I spend about 30 a week on comics, sometimes more and sometimes less. I buy a lot of video games every year, but so far I’ve only gotten a few games this year, it’s been a quiet gaming year for me so far. I go to the movies, a hell of a lot and I guess that’s my only other vice. I buy DVDs and anime but not as much as I used to, I collect those things very slowly now.

I always have an extra 3,000 in the bank or so, again I’m pretty good with money. Though it’s easier when you make a lot. If I do go to Japan again next year I’m sure I’ll blow a lot of it, but debt for me only lasts until my next income tax return. My only outstanding debt is that I owe my Credit Card 2,000 but I’m paying that off and prior to my trip to Japan it should be clean so I can max it out again, such is life. I graduated from college with a Bachelors from School of Visual Arts by working 35 hours a week at the same time, so I have never taken out a Student Loan. Yeah, I missed A LOT of parties by doing that, but I don’t owe them a dime. :smile:

I do Freelance artwork sometimes but it still doesn’t pay as much as my regular job does, but for now I’ll keep at it and if things don’t pan out in a few years I can always go back to school for my Masters and become a teacher. I’d earn less than I’m earning now but I’ll have a hell of a lot more time to do the art thing, I mean teachers work from 8 to 2 and no summers. But I dunno, guess we’ll see what happens.

I’d like to think that I’ve been an all around good guy my whole life, not a saint or anything but fairly good so the man upstairs or whatever powers that might be have blessed me so I can continue to enjoy my childish habits. From the time I was a teenager on up I have never been short on money, though I’ve been working from that time on at one job or another so someone’s looking out for me in that area, possibly. I give to charities (currently I sponsor a child and I give to Greenpeace for the environment) and to anyone asking for a handout most of the time, for me it’s been true what they say, whatever you give out you get back double, sometimes not even in monetary ways.

Either that or I’m just a lucky SOB and life’s just waiting to pull the rug from under my legs at any moment. Or I’m just a few moments away to getting married to a psycho who will burn all my crap one day, 'cuz I haven’t been all that good… Or I’ll knock someone up via busted condom and there goes me buying comics… Well I lived with women before, ‘in sin’ if you will and it did come pretty close to that a few times ACK… I still personally have no idea how people get married or live together and don’t want to kill their partner after a few months… Suffice it to say I haven’t met the right one yet? :rofl: Ah well, alls I can do is enjoy things while I can and hope for the best. :smile:

Not that my life’s been a bed of rosies, I’ve really gone through a few hellish experiences in my life that I won’t relay here. Though for whatever reason, I’ve always been kind of lucky with money.

Yeah like anything would stop me from buying Nightwing. Like Bugs Bunny would say, “He don’t know me very well do he?” :rofl:

Working in a law firm would have done!