Niitsuma Wanted More Characters; Should Ultimate Be Delayed? Poll

Full Article Here (Japanese):

What do you guys think? Niitsuma wanted 58 characters, exceeding MvC2s character count.

Would you rather wait and have more characters - or - have it the game sooner with out the 8 extra characters?

***So…should the game be Delayed? ***

I’ll count up the Yes and No votes myself and post them at the top of this post.

Caution: This doesn’t need to turn into a fight. I think there can be good reasons for either side.

On the one hand it lets the Current game and therefore it’s metagame grow more. On the other there is the fact that X-factor is changing and so are the characters plus all new additional characters that it can be hard to resist.

Explain your choice if you want to but leave your answer on top of the post so I can count them more easily.

I’ll start off with my vote: Yes, I would rather wait.

Also something to think about.

Possibly waiting until this coming February would give the game a full year since Vanilla. Just something I thought of. Is that too long to wait?

Big YES from me. With both games launching within 9 months of each other I would rather wait a little while longer to get more out of having to buy the game again.

SFxT comes out in March. The whole reason why they are releasing UMvC3 early is so that it wouldn’t come out close to SFxT. If they release UMvC3 late it’ll be in May the earliest.

They won’t delay it, so there is no need to have a yes no vote. Although I would wait for sure. QUALITY >>>>> QUA-…Rushing/Unfinished shit.

And yea I already put up my 2 cents about CC doing what they do (Pretty sure we would have paid 40 bucks for 20 characters too, now were paying 40 for 12 + Everyone would have been satisfied since Megawoman + Jeannnn would have been in for sure + no one would complain about timeline / rushing) But they will somehow, someday release a new version with those chars.

And yea I just kiddz, they probably had a shedule cause of SF X Tekken

YES. Capcom is being too greedy. Can’t wait till they announce a 3rd installment like SSF4:AE.

Why couldn’t this be in the general UMvC3 thread? It’s a moot point.

It’s coming out in November and that’s that.

Doesnt really matter.

Watch when UmvC3 comes out, they’ll have 56 characters all ready on the disc

Dumb thread. You’re going to get the other 8 one way or another.

Let’s not get all meta. This is the way the world is probably going to work. Enjoy it. Capcom used to release a SF or VS game every year: if we’re back in another golden age, enjoy it.

And yes, things can always be better. But splintering off this meta thread doesn’t do anything but clutter up a forum already overwhelmed by UMvC3 chatter.