Nike Dunk SB x Street Fighter


Not bad, I’d like to see the other colorways.

I would rock the Chuns, hopefully they do a Dunk Hi colorway.

what, no blanka or boxer dunks? pass

They will probably do more characters later.

Need a pair based off of guy’s alpha 2 shoes.

  • Those would be hot.
  • I’d rock the Chuns, too; but I’d definitely want Vega/Bison colors on Highs. That’d be siq.

That’s a very simple shoe, you can make those on NikeiD really easily.



NikeiD version I made in 2 minutes

fuck outta here Do a Jordan Alpha 1 of guy . C’mon now you know he needs zoom air in his sneakers

psychosquall did a dope mock up of some guy shoes


Y’all by yourselves with the Chuns. I’d rock the Ryus and I’m not even a fan of white sneakers. But I’m glad you can do it with Air Maxes.

Here’s my Nike Air Max Ryus.

I’d rock the Ryus also. If the Chun Li’s were high tops, then it would be a different story.

I’m also waiting to see if they would do a Sagat shoe and how they would use the scar.

chun li would need something like a a pair air max 92s. Nike Sbs are dope but I think runners fit her style more

I normally don’t care much for shoes and have never spent much on them, but I’d shell out some dough for those.

~Way of the Bushin~

beat me to it.

as for OP, I could shit a better design.

I’d rock the lows. No hi-tops. Ever.

These are a snooze. The colors of the SF characters outfits aren’t really distinct enough that you could just use that as a colorway and leave it at that imo. I never followed dunks, but there has to have been a previous dunk low with that exact blue/white colorway.

So godlike.