Nike presents : Street Fighter Sneakers

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Sorry kids, no Guy version.

However there is no official confirmation from Nike or Capcom just yet according to the kotaku article.

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someone make this their sig

My hype ends here…

Unless they’re gonna sell them for like $14.99, they better put some effort into that shit, like maybe a character monogrammed onto the side or something. As is, this is lame as hell…then again, the fanboys will buy that shit just because. Hey guys! I’ve got a Street Fighter empty malt liquor bottle! Only 70 bucks. You can tell it’s official cuz it has “Street Fighter” scrawled over the blue bull in black sharpie (oddly enough, in my handwriting). What’s the point of buying franchise-based merchandise if it doesn’t have ANY recognizable relation to said franchise?? That’s like buying Rock Bogard’s black jeans…without any SNK/Garou logo, or a generic red and white baseball cap without Lone Wolf, NEO-GEO, Fatal Fury, or KOF on it. The product loses all meaning if it’s nondescript. This better be fake cuz it’s too lame to be real.

Sooo, what differenciates those sneakers with no reference to SF apart from the colour scheme to any other ones which have the same colour scheme but presumably aren’t SF sneakers?

And do you gain meter for kicking in them?

Rock Bogard

Name after adoption?

well check out the NES ones here

NES Air Max Sneakers Will Surprise You With Their Tastefulness

and the 720 ones here (barf)

Nike Releasing Arcade-Inspired Dunks

It’s just supposed to be a subtle color scheme. You could get the chun-li ones and pretend they are for rog because just like her, he wears white and blue. :slight_smile:

i would wear the chun shoes naked

Howard, dammit…I meant Howard. I know, I know: Shanto shina!

Nothing! Not even “SF” or “Capcom” on the heel or tongue.