Nine Year-Old Beats Toddlers at Day Care


This kid is going to be a sociopath when (if) he grows up. Not like his mother is a shining beacon of hope for humanity either.


Edit: Link fixed, thanks to Hotobu.


Okay. Sorry, but.

1:06 made me laugh.

Here I come, hell.

Is there a Dragon Ball Z thread? If not

His aunt is very well spoken. Good thing it was subtitled.


He really hated that little girl.


Kid channeling the essence of Mike Haggar. I was expecting to see it cancelled into pipe/Team Hyper Combo for a second.

Damn, we all need Jesus.


Did he just backwards drop kick one of the toddlers? Got dayum. I’m not sure whether to call that the best or worst thing I’ve ever seen. Probably both.

Walks into hell


Wow fuck that little shithead


This kid is a fucking demon.


P.S. I wish I had Power Ranger moves like that when I was 9.


I say a lot about kids and shit needing to learn and whatever. But I would fuck that kid up and his mom. Then i’d fuck up the day care supervisors and then go to prison and fuck up bubba becuase that video got me that mad. Fuck humanity.


I had all of the moves when I was 9 (still a huge fan of the original stuff) but my mom would backwards drop kick me if I ever did that to a toddler.

BTW I just realized all of the adults at the day care are legally blind.


The only thing I saw there was Abels Step kick. Kid needs to confirm that shit.


This topic has way too many ways to spin it into a fighting game. LOL.


So that’s two vids in a row I link in the GD thread that get their own thread, gotta choose my next vid carefully if I want to 3peat.


My bad, my coworkers and I spent the past hour talking about euthanizing our imaginary kids if they acted like the kid in the OP before I linked the video. We still cool, bloo?


Someone introduce the kid from this thread to the toddler from this thread


“He fight kids but he don’t fight little babies. He’s just a normal child.”


No no, shit is fine with me! I’m just feeling myself a little bit. :sunglasses:

That kid is definitely a p.o.s. and the father who came in smacking the wrong the kid was just the shit icing on the vomit cake.


that kid need a fucking beat dwon.


That lil nigga needs to get his ass worked out. It’s only a matter of time before he’s stealing cars, running people down and smoking with cigawettes.