Nine year old calls teacher cute - Gets suspended for sexual harrasment

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Good shit America :coffee:

Come to the UK. We call our teachers fit or sexy all the time. Only to waste time during the lesson though.


God America is getting stupid. Blame Gloria Allred.

I once kissed my teacher in Kindergarten and didn’t get suspended. Stay free North Carolina.

This woman must hate men. Wait no scratch that. She must hate the entire male population. What kind of idiot claims sexual harassment over a simple compliment? From a 9 year old kid no less! Wow.

it’s crazy these teachers can’t handle a 9yr old themselves

once got detention for calling my art teacher “chick”

Cant go to the link right now, is she hot? like, “totally worth suspension” hot?
Or is she just cute?

Either way, damn, as i said before THE WORLD IS RETARDED

I bet that wouldn’t happen to a female student…


Haha I think I beat you. I once got detention back in 3rd grade for staring at a teacher’s tits. Couldn’t help it though. They were at eyes length and my neck was in a brace.

Doesn’t show the teacher.

Yet another reason why real life is blatantly inferior to anime. :rolleyes:

Shiet, I got kissed by my 2nd grade teacher.

Walked into the cafeteria at lunch time with lipstick on my face…LIKE A BOSS.

I heard you were home-schooled. :cool:

In anime:
“Sensei… you are… Kawaii (=////=)”
“Oh, you really think so X-kun. You are cute too.”
“Sensei… Im actually a tentacle monster”
X-kun gets an A at the end of the semester

The male teacher would’ve been hung, probably.

:tup: America


Oh my gee, who would have guessed that it was a little black kid.

Women always take things wayyy overboard. If it was a male teacher and a female student, he’d just say “thank you.” And then he’d probably be fired the next day for some bogus charge just because he said thank you. America…

She was afraid of dat 9 year old game. Knee jerk reaction so she wouldn’t give in.

This is the pile of sissy-shit this society has become, basically. It’s only going to get much worse as time goes on, because that’s the natural order of things.

Good job, ladies… this is also why a reasonably intelligent man won’t say a goddamn thing to you at work under any circumstances that goes beyond “Hi.” and “Bye.” You’ve murdered male/female social interaction just like you murdered chivalry a long ass time ago…fuckin worthless tripe.

*oh ok, there was alleged “inappropriate behavior” after the “inappropriate comments” from him…what the fuck ever, man, Jesus H. Christ.