Ninja Gaiden 3:Razor's Edge - Game out on 4/2 for PS3 and 360

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<div class=“QuoteText”>Tecmo Koei has announced Ninja Gaiden 3 behind closed doors at the Tokyo Game Show today, creating the first all-new console Ninja Gaiden since Itagaki’s departure from Team Ninja. So far, details about the game are thin on the ground, save for a teaser image and a few plot hints.<br />
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According to Tecmo, Ninja Gaiden 3 will set the scene for a “more violent” game, as if that were humanly possible. A darker scenario, more blood than ever before, and a humanized version of protagonist Ryu have all been promised. There are also hints that this game will hit both the Xbox 360 and PS3 at once, which is a nice change.<br />
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So there we are, a new Ninja Gaiden! But how will it fare with Team Ninja under new management? Feel free to speculate!</div>
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So they are going back…and escelating the blood and gore? I thought they were trying to stray from that with Sigma 2.

the first game wasn’t bad, although I was let down by how little your wall jumping was used.

2nd game just made no sense (not even discussing why the Statue of Liberty has a ninja exhibit), was oddly not challenging at certain times (then STUPID challenging at the end, during the boss gauntlet), and just plain sucked.

I doubt I will give a shit about this third game at all

How much more blood can they add? Will I be covered in red 60 seconds in?

you’re an asshole, Geese.

you want a free shirt for this because I think you deserve one, lol.

I’m serious.

‘Itagaki’s departure’ :’(

On the other hand, I actually enjoyed NG2. Mainly because I was stoned out of my fucking skull whenever I played it, so I may have been ignorant to the game’s weaker points.

I did however play Ninja Gaiden Black in the right mindset and holy shit, that’s a good game. I actually enjoyed getting royally fucked up, because I knew it was my fault, not some cheap-ass bullshit. Apart from Ghost Fish. FUCK GHOST FISH.

ng2 sucked because it’s development got cut short massively. if they simply gave crater face the time he requested NG2 would be among the top action games for the 360/ps3, instead it’s like the red-headed step child.

and with 0 itagaki involvement it’s hard for me to get hyped about NG3…

edit: saying ng2 sucked is a little too harsh, it just screams wasted potential. had it had a bit more polish it would have been great. (i think if you play the harder modes it becomes apparent that they rushed that shit and eventually just said FUCK IT! put more enemies on the screen and have them throw more shit).

Unless they fix the fucked up camera and fifty billion rocket launcher ninja shooting at you off camera, don’t care.

Anything Team NINJA does sounds better than the utter fuckup that is the so-called “Devil May Cry” though.

I think Itagaki being gone can only be a good thing. He was probably holding the series back.

to me the overabundance of off-screen projectiles is a direct effect of having production times cut in half. in black as the difficulty got harder they improved AI and adjusted enemy groups to make them more challenging, and that doesn’t really happen in mentor/master ninja of 2.

I’m all for this after that crap Capcom pulled, especially since they mentioned “humanizing” Ryu. If this means he’s not gonna be a generic fucking robot like that asshole we got in the Xbox NG games (aka like his original incarnation or even to an extent the DOA version pre-NG Xbox), I’m good.

I loved NG2, and it’s one of the only games of this generation I’ve played through twice.

More gore? Good, no Koei treatment. Purple mist…'Fuck out of here.

Sigma 2 says otherwise.

It got worse after he left. Much worse.

I really hope that the OHKO grabs don’t come back.

If the off-screen fuckers who throw those explosive kunai with the frequency of a machine gun, and those big ass mech things from 2 are removed or toned down, I’ll be happy.

Yeh Itagaki was Team Ninja, everything I’ve read about Itagaki points out how anal he is about about detail, and it shows. Just look at the quality of the animation of Dead or Alive 2 compared to what was out at the time, and in my opinion DOA4 is still the best fighter in motion out there! Even the research into the arts is bang on, I respect Itagaki even more for being the only developer that actually bothered researching Bruce Lee’s art of JKD properly. So when I hear if NG2 was more polished I do chuckle, definately not to his standards but it’s still better than the vast majority of developers.

Anyhoo, where’s DOA5 damnit :mad:

Thinking about it, if they’re gonna “humanize” Ryu now would be a good time to introduce Aileen (Irene) back into the storyline. She did exist in the DOA universe but was only mentioned briefly.

Ninja Gaiden 3 - GDC 11: Debut Teaser HD

Bloody mess…

I loved NG II so much I bought it for the PS3 when it came out as Sigma II. It had its issues(rocket launcher ninjas) but it was still fun. Sigma II was at least ten times easier though.

I knew there was I reason you’re on my friends list.

And NG2 Sigma is not on my PS3 shelf.

Amidst the other 50 games.

As I see it.

Kinda off topic but should I get Ninja Gaiden 2 or Sigma 2? I was holding out for Sigma 2 but then they censored it which stopped me from picking it up when it came out (that and it was $60). Been doing some bargain bin catch up lately and have considered grabbing the game. I only plan to play through the main game if that effects anything.

On topic, I thought it was kinda dumb how the trailer ends right before Ryu takes of his mask. We saw his face in Dead or Alive…