Ninja Gaiden IV announced, very little details so far


^ According to another forum, a translator says in this video Hayashi announced that they’re working on Ninja Gaiden IV. “Check out Yaiba until then.”


Oh yeah. yeah…YEAHHHHHHHHHH!!!


i dont know, eh, why is this exciting. ng3 apparently sucked, and didnt get redeemed somewhat until razors edge. i still have yet to play razors edge though. think i’ll buy that this week actually.


It’s exciting because the best action game series of all time is getting another entry.

Vanilla NG3 sucked, yeah. Razor’s Edge was great. People were excited for DMC3 even though 2 was terrible, and I bet DMC5 will sell out the ass regardless of the garbage DmC reboot if they develop the game the right way.

Regardless I bet this game will outsell Bayonetta 2 because Bayo 2 is being released on a dead platform. :rofl:


Yeah I’m game, will get for PS3/4.

I’ll get it for PC as well if the port is good.


Jaquio lives…


my buddy which speaks japanese said that they don’t clearly confirm that ng4 is om the way , but neither did they deny that they are working on it. That probably means we will be seeing it some while after Yaiba.

Lets hope that they step their game up with NG4 and prove that they can make a worthy ng game without Itagaki.


They have, it’s called Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge. :tup:

Also I hear Titty Physics Simulator: 5(Dead or Alive 5) is really good without Itagaki too.

Will play Ninja Gaiden: Yaiba too. Sure it doesn’t look as good as a mainline NG game, but as a standalone action game it looks like a lot of fun. More fun than God of War and DmC, at least. :rofl:


Cuz it’s Ninja Gaiden.


If true, add Hayate. The dude is badass in DOA5U. And they need to add Hayabusa’s Fighter outfit. It’s an instant classic.


Gonna suck just like 2 and 3


ng2 sucked?
lol ok


Any version of NGII is more fun than any version of NG1. The combat is just that much more fun, imo. It’s the best this generation had to offer in the entire genre.

NG1 was better in some ways, though, but combat isn’t one of them.


Naw NGII is a fucking mess. I mean its a lot of fun but there are sections of the game that are total balls and the game falls apart worse and worse as you bump up the diff forcin you to narrow your move set down more and more so you can abuse i frames in order to not get esplosion raped or grab raped.

Black is still the best one, hands down. Ill be waiting to see how 4 turns out before i start thinking of buyin it, NGII is fun but was ultimately a dissapontment to me. NGIII was a disaster and Razors Edge i hear mixed views on. Ill get it when i see it cheap but even with abids glowing reiews for it i still expect a polished turd more or less.


ng1 > ng2 > ng3

ng2 is definately worthy , but as crotch said there are some parts of it that are just ridicilous.


crotch I agree in that there’s less bullshit in NG1 and that it’s better designed in that regard, but in combat options and speed, NGII shits on NG1 for me.

NG1 rewards defense really well, and the pacing of the game reflects this.
NGII rewards defense too(especially counter parries) but it also really, really rewards you going fucking HAM on everything and anything around you. All the added off-the-fucking-wall shit in NG2 as well as its much faster-paced gameplay makes me enjoy it more. All the added options are just too damn fun.

Yes, there’s more bullshit in NGII. That’s obvious, but Ryu is so damn God tier in NGII that he can deal with 99% of the bullshit.

There’s more “bullshit” in Razor’s Edge than NGII, some boss fights are fucked, but because Ryu is Jesus tier you can hang. No game’s perfect, and it’s obvious NGII and RE have questionable design decisions in regards to the “bullshit” but when I look at the rest of the game and weigh all the pros and cons together I’m able to look past the bullshit because the rest of it is so damn good.

Super Turbo: can look past the bullshit and still enjoy myself.
SFIV: Can’t look past the bullshit, can’t enjoy myself, game’s too ass.

@ExposedD Nothing in NGII is as frustrating as getting hit by a touch of death combo by Bison in Super Turbo you asshole. :rofl:


I hope NG4’s play-style returns to the roots of NG1/Black/Sigma.

Trying to make 2 a combo-centric game didn’t work out, at all. I played it three days ago on my bruh’s 360 and was kinda disgusted; Sigma 2 is major improvement.

NG is all about dispatching enemies fast and efficiently as possible. It’s not DMC where you get graded handsomely for how many hits you can output.

Here’s hoping Team Ninja doesn’t fuck up again and try to appeal towards the lowest common denominator.


I’ll wait for the update. Gaiden games always get one


I just recently played through NGS1 and NGS2. I hated NGS1 with a passion, the fucking controls had me in fits of rage. I was seriously dreading playing NGS2 but right off the bat it was amazing. Loved the game from beginning to end, beautiful combat experience and I can’t recall myself having that much fun with an action game for a while.


The worst parts of NG Sigma 2 are being forced to play as the underpowered women characters in story mode. Couldn’t that shit just sit out for the co-op and stage challenges instead?