Ninja Gaiden's| Avatar Request Thread


Hey, here is my FULL reqest thread. I will take any requests. I will NOT make insane animations (i.e. Juggernaught hitting ryu and the Ken catching Ryu and the do a hyper and Juggernaught dies).

To See some of my work, click the link below:

(To save your avatar, Right Click/Save Target As)

Pick Ups:

Tonbarry: Tonbarry Avatar


hmmm hey hows it going can i have one with this pic,nothing in perticular bud,just make sure to put my name in,thanks.



Full Metal Alchemist is badass.


Can i request a Magneto/Storm/Sentinel Av?

It does’t have to be flashy, just clear and looks good, and the chars witha good pose, pLZ?


sure! Just give me time. BTW, you know that link where I am posting all of my work? That is where your avatars will be on when it is finished. I will make a pick ups part but, if it gets crowded, Ima have to put some on my page.


Hey Ninja Gaiden if its not a problem could i get a AV with this sagat picture and the k-groove bar at the bottom…and can u still have it glowing like my old one




now thats awsome :cool:


yep. It’s freewebs though. I’m not getting an ACTUALL domain untul this weekend. If not this weekend, then next. And when I do, if you’d like Seth, I can give you a Sub-Domain if you want.


i would love that:D


thanks ninja gaiden…looks wicked man,love it bud…keep it up.

:smiley: :wink:


Hey man, like your work, can you make me a team avatar of Guile ( assist 1 color ) Morrigan ( assist 1 color ) and BB hood ( regular )? Morrigan should be on the far left, guile in the middle doing his winning pose, and bbhood on the far right pointing her gun towards the right ( she looks like that after her hunters super ) if its possible, could you make morrigan like she does in my avatar now? same colors? if you need that sprite ill post it up.

and in the avatar ( put this anywhere, wherever it will look cool :wink: ) can you but the flashing words Team Wunderland up there?

thanks alot.


hmmm, getting pretty good, keep it up


ok, I’m gonna finish all the requests today! So, be expecting your avatars sometime today. (I am taking more requests)


TGC, your avatar is ready on my site. When you get to it, clcik “Avatars” on the navigation system, and scrool down and you’ll find yours. Nokio4, I just need to finish your animation. Dios -X-, please provide me the sprites that you want.

My Website


good stuff man,keep it up.



Cool that you starting doing av’s with sprites.

Still lovin’ the av you gave me.:cool:


heres the morrigan av with lilith…can you make the colors on the sprite liek they are in my av now? thx.


Ok thx ninja


whats this i hear about sub-domains?