Ninja Masters anyone?


Does anyone play this??:wonder:


I’ve only messed with the game a bit but it’s not bad, has a interesting combo system and what not. I’ll have to look more into it since I don’t know everything about the game as far as combos, movelist, etc. Overall it’s pretty fun but I haven’t played so far as to learn everything about it yet.


I’ve played it, but not for a while now. Its a solid fighter. Why DG, have you found any infinites or noticed if the gameplay is broken? As I never played it enough to really notice. Although everyone seems to rip on the dial a combo system, aka button mashing. In a way it can be, but on the other hand you can get somewhat creative with the combos you do.


I used to play it a lot a while back. It’s actually a really good game. Nice animation, characters and fighting system (weapons/ no weapons). The game isn’t all dial a combo. The infinites in the game are links and I only know of 2 infinites.


Yes two infinites are known but there’s like 5 total…the ones you probably speak of are Natsume’s and Kasumis…powerful bitches I use them both for one hit murders…:rofl:…and both easy as hell infinites to do. I do the infinite till you get dizzy, then by that time I can POW max out my super and kill you with it off the Ultra combo killer with Natsume or the Drill Psycho Crusher one bar death super with Kasumi.

The combo system is very unique…I love the game…its sad because the people I had to play it with loved it then when I destroyed them with Natsume and Kasumi they quit the game :sad:…now I aint got anyone to share my love with the game with…so I made a thread about it…

Pulling out the weapons is great for blockstun I’ve noticed too…besides being in the combos of course it is good for creating block strings that make things uninterruptible.

I can post strat up etc… I’m glad more than me and my Denton Crew people have played this game before!!! :clap:

It needs a sequel…apparently it didnt sell too well because people were comparing it to Last Blade and Samurai Shodown, and that’s where the problem was…the game has its own aesthetic value…and unique strats around having your weapon and NOT having your weapon.

Wonder if Yumeji is Sam Sho is a guy or not? I say he’s a guy…the final bosses of Ninja Masters are practically Yumeji and Gaoh…


Okay so why is no one posting now? Did I scare anyone by saying it has 5 infinites? Are people already brushing it off now?


Er, no. Here’s a really long review I found at for Ninja Masters - - Its an interesting read.

I don’t have much to say about Ninja Masters. I never knew about it or that it was even made until after when I was buying Last Blade for the AES. I asked the seller what LB was like and he referred too or mentioned something about Ninja Masters?

My 2 fav characters are Natsume and Raiga! :wgrin:


I was thinking of playing this game, my friend has an AES of it, but never touches it…


Want Natsume’s infinite combo? Or do you have it already?

Play it please…see what else SNK has to offer besides KOF, Fatal Fury, Last Blade and Samurai Shodown/WHeroes


No I don’t know it, and Yes I would like to know what it is! Though I feel after you tell me, its most likely something really simple! As is the case with most of them?. :lol:


It is simple…the infinites are simple as a whole…

Here is Natsume’s infinite-

[Cr. axxqcf+D uppercut kick (without the follow up)] land repeat brackets!!! Yes it’s simple and most are…

Know that one of her combo starters is an OVERHEAD!! Making for a great way to get into her super combo (forward+a I think?) The infinite should get them dizzy, then you can go into many many things!!

Do you know she has a command grab and an air throw?? Man she has sick ways to get you in the infinite off setting up the command grab!!! :badboy:

I got some Natsume strats certainly…I can make people HATE fighting her:rofl:

EDIT: Also many moves in NM give the “Throw anywhere property” that is if it launches in anyway shape or form you can jump and combo a airthrow to reset for sickening damage. Natsume’s are her qcb+C and some other things of course…

Her far forward+Fierce Kick is good because it launches and you can go into many thingd with that.

Some ranges on normal throws in this game are sickening also!!! :wow:


Anyone still around for this thread/game???


Of course (somewhat)! :lol:

Has anyone seen or know if there are any CMV’s for Ninja Masters?


Yes there are a couple but they are very hard to find…on the original cyberfanatix place you could get them with ease…and it showcased about 5-10 infinites in existence as well as some 100%s. Now you probably have to look hard at the premiere cyberfanatix place that charges you money to get the combo vids, because even on youtube there aren’t too many vids available…but I will dig up some and see what I can come up with.

Have you been able to get off Natsume’s infinite combo?


As of late? No, I have not played it that much. I sorta got a Neo style control stick so I’m going heavy on Martial Masters. And besides, the computer gave me another code. :tup:


This site has a ninja masters combo video…

The second link at the bottom.


Pretty impressive combos! :looney: After watching that CMV, I might start using Unzen (those combos he has were awesome). :tup: I look forward to seeing the vids with for the rest of the characters!


Sure once I gather them up I will post them up…

There are some hard to find…

Up there in Minnesota do you have anyone to play with???


Sigh, No. I’ve told a few people on other sites, that quite a few of the players who used to play fighting games quite often, have now opted for those on-line War games! Which are not bad games, but they’re just not a 2D fighter. I used to play Jesse Howard, Wes and a few of his friends ALL the time in ST, HF, KI2 and SS2 and so many other fighting games. Damn do I miss the old days! :sad:


I’ve got a few but mainly because I worked my ass off to start the community here in Denton…

so be a founding father and gather them all up and they will start playing them trust me…