Ninja Master's!

No, regrettably, that’s not a typo. The game is indeed called “Ninja Master’s”.

So this is a very unknown game, getting overshadowed by Sam Sho IV and Last Blade. They picked the right game to overshadow. However, this game is fun if for nothing else than the flashiness and how every character has about 8 special moves and 5 different 13-hit comboes. I’m currently using dat Houou and Kurasu, whom I’m guessing are upper-mid and high tier respectively. Houou has good projectiles and comboes off of his D throw, but his super has really bad range, though I think it works for anti-air. Kurasu has a solid movelest and tons of damage off of his BC dial-a-comboes, but he’s slow.

Anyway, let’s get some love for this game.

Trust me I can shed osme light on this game…

I’m getting casuals recorded today between me and E-Bortion.

Top Tier is-

Goemon, Natsume, Sasuke, Kasumi.

The issue with the game is the rampant infinite comboes…I have tournament footage from EVO North of me and others playing if you guys want to see it…

Do you want to see it?

might as well

There you go…quite a bit of Ninja Masters footage even.

Correction I wanna add Sasuke to the top tier list also so it should be-

Goemon, Natsume, Sasuke, Kasumi.

Recording some Ninja Masters matches today guys so stay tuned!!!

Geese Tower 1-7-08 Ninja Masters casuals-

Me (Natsume) vs. E-Bortion (Houoh)-


Thanks, but what’s your opinion on bottom tier ones? To me, discarding unplayable characters have always been more useful than picking up the best ones, because I like picking my characters but I hate it when they end up sucking.

I gotta look into who might be bottom tier…I dot have a clue right now…but I can form on certainly…

Who was the big tittie bitch? She was crazy even though I sucked.

game looks damn kool!
but I havent seen any exploits yet.

What do you mean exploits?

Big tit woman is Natsume…Top tier… Only two women in the game and both are good…Kasumi is the worst of the two but I still think shes tops…

Raiga with cleaver assist FTW! Seriously though this was a fun game. Karasu kicks ass as well.

More people need to get on this game…unfortunately it gets the “this game is shitty so why bother with it” treatment…


Me and my friends still mess around with this game, actually we played it over the weekend at the local arcade.

wow, Ninja Master’s. I remember mastering this game back in my early high school days.

Might have to get my skills back up again.

I love how old becomes new again.

Man if I knew you played this we wouldve gamed in it at NEC…


I love the dial-a-combos…

But yeah, this game is sooo underrated. The graphics look good, the character design is sweet and the gameplay is fun.

You play this game too?

Man I need some casuals with folks in this game for sure…

Real tier list for game.

S: Goemon, Kasumi, Natsume
A+: Sasuke, Unzen
A: Karasu, Ranmaru
B: Kamui, Tenho, Nobunaga
C: Houou, Raiga