Ninja movie to keep an eye on in '09

all i read was:

new york

and thats all i needed to read. this will be watched.

nevermind. scott adkins?? honestly, they can’t find a japanese american at least? really? how many white man asian films are we going to get???

Andy Dick should play the ninja for hilaritys sake, or mel gibson.

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Hollywood’s historically had a big problem with casting Asians in leading roles for anything, in the beginning it was downright racism, now it’s just a hidden agenda. It’s why they removed Jet Li and Aliyah’s romance scenes from Romeo must die…still I can’t see why they’d go and fuck this up when it’s set in Japan…

If it makes you feel any better, there’s probably already 3 Japanese movie with the same plot floating around somewhere.

I was hoping for another 3 Ninja’s movie.

to be fair adkins’s martial arts skills are world renowned. so it can easily be his skills were just better than the people who auditioned. its definetly not because of screen recognition cause only hardcore fans know adkins.

Hmmm… I was watching that movie on FX one time or was it Dinner and a movie? Anyways, they said it was because Jet Li suggested that they shouldn’t add it because the character isn’t suppose to kiss the daughter of the enemies.

Or was that just bs to cover up?

And just for the record… I’m just going to assume that Jet Li and Jackie Chan never get the girls in movies because they aren’t really the most “good looking” guys. Rush Hour 2 is an exception to Jackie. You know how hollywood is… And I hate how in Transporter the Asian girl has sex with Statham JUST like that.

Here’s hoping for a Cameo of Ernie Reyes Jr. ala “Surf Ninjas.”
Link for those who have never seen it.

Oh! And an appearance by [media=youtube]awGpWzJVgMA"[/media]

Not sure what I’m implying in the second link. I just find it hilarious.

oh man! 2 upcoming films with ninja in the title! Im in heaven!

yeah hollywood always does gay shit like that

fuck em

I’ve seen Adkins in action and yeah I’m very impressed, taking nothing away from his he’s a bad man…but he’s not Japanese. Yes I know neither was [media=youtube]Xy8AlMh31cM"[/media] but the central plot of that story is that he was THE American Ninja and not just any white dude could be one.

I just really think this movie called for an Asian lead, but then again this is the first I’m even hearing of it so I’m not not upset by the outcome, more-so the further perpetuation of this Hollywood practice. I’ll probably still check this out, I didn’t hate Last Samuai after all.

EDIT: I actually could see Adkins in the position of the detective rather than the Ninja actually.

I just watched some special on Asian film history and they got a bunch of the older actors to come in for interviews, and they were all so happy to assume that someday soon they’d see more serious Asian lead roles coming from Hollywood, I can’t help but feel that Florentine just wanted kicked them all in the sac. Okay maybe not Florentine, but whoever’s putting up money for this project.

But they’ve already been to the top of Mega Mountain.

yeah every time i see an asian play a role on tv he’s either a martial artist, can’t speak english, or a nerdy pussy who can’t get any pussy. its annoying. its so refreshing to see movies like better luck tomorrow where asians are pistol whipping white guys. we need more like that, and less forbidden kingdom bullshit.

too bad better luck tomorrow is not free from displaying stereotypes in itself (though it was refreshing to see dynamic characters) and actually perpetuates asian-american stereotypes between the different asian ethnicities and is not that great of a movie, whereas forbidden kingdom was actually a decent fun movie. I read a post by you in that thread that you would boycott forbidden kingdom simply because of the random white dude factor. That’s just stupid in my opinion, I watched it recently and it wasn’t bad at all.

Yeah, it’s going to be a white guy playing the leading role. Always.

^ well that sucks. He’s from japan i was hoping he was Asian.Asians really do not get any respect round the states. How the hell did Ong Bak get into theaters? That one was so foreign it came outta nowhere

First a white samurai now a white ninja. Hot. Next up should be a Yakuza film where Brad Pitt plays the kumicho.

I haven’t watched Ong Bak in so long, but doesn’t he fight against Asian people in that movie? Even if it wasn’t, You’ll never get Asian guy killing White guy in a movie in hollywood. It’s always Asian and White/Black guy killing other Asians.

In War, Jet Li gave a bullet right to Stathams head. But that’s because Jet Li is popular here. They wouldn’t do that in a film with a no name Asian lead actor.

Sometimes you don’t want an Asian actor as the lead role in movies like this. Take Ninja Assassin for instance. Sure it has a Asian actor, but this “actor” also happens to be Rain, some Korean pop star.

Soooo, would you rather have a guy who can’t fight his way out of a soggy paper bag or would you rather have a white dude who knows his chops? The Asian actors in these kinds of movies tend to be pop stars/tv stars, so I don’t understand why them being Asian automatically makes them the best candidates.