Ninja Quit Definition

Not sure if anyone has coined this but I’m pretty sure I invented this back in the day. So I’m going to create the definition here:


[SIZE=18px][FONT=Helvetica]1. Ninja Quit [RIGHT]****[/RIGHT]

A technique used in arcades and fighting game tournaments where a player loses to an opponent than proceeds to instantly exit the premises without saying goodbye to anyone.
Commonly used while the tournament is still in progress or even if the player has matches remaining.
The Ninja Quit takes the Rage Quit a step further by leaving no trace of himself other than the loss. The Ninja Quit leaves participants and bystanders confused and befuddled.
The Ninja Quit does not take into consideration distance traveled to reach said Arcade or Tournament.
There have been stories of a player driving 400 miles to compete in a tournament, lose, then immediately drive back home the same day.[/FONT][/SIZE]

bonus points if you use a smoke bomb.

Used to see shit like this a lot when I ran tournaments. Much better than the less cutely named “publicly bitch and moan for 2 hours then leave”

On New Year’s Day I woke up on my bed with no recollection of the previous night. There were about a dozen messages on my phone asking me where I disappeared to. Does that count as a Ninja Quit?

LIVE example:



That video made me sad :frowning:

Go to University Pinball in Philly and beat the scrubby Akuma player that’s always there --> Definition of NINJA QUIT.

Daigo did this shit a few years ago after Valle knocked him out in both 3S and ST.