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There is a need for a place to post little questions that might be out of place in other threads and don’t require a new thread. You can put those here instead of making a new thread.

From time to time I may update the first posts FAQ style. I may not though and that is ok. This is the question/answer thread. It is not the Basic FAQ thread.




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Basic tips for strider’s neutral game? I want to play Viper/Dante/Strider but I’m a total noob when it comes to this ninja. Lol.


Let the zoo out (Formation A1, A2, B and maybe C?) then teleport/wall cling for mixups. Or you can do the basic teleport + assist mixups with whatever assists you have. You can also use Formation A1 like how Guile uses the light sonic boom and approach the opponent. If you “ride” the panther, you get pseudo-super armor.


Do the orbs (once activated) come out instantly on a button press or is there a start up to them?

Shit is usually happening too quickly in matches for me to tell.


Yeah, the orbs come out instantly on a button press. Or at least it seems like that.


No frame data as such then? I basically want to know a bit more about the precise mechanics by which each orb comes out (eg start up, is it only one orb per button press or one orb per ‘move’ that comes out)

Sorry I would test this myself but away from my console for a few weeks, plus you strider mains should know this off by heart right? :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Also is it random which of the circling orbs comes out, or is it always in sequential order?


I don’t know the startup of the qcb+s move but its active in 3f and its like +8 on block. Its a really good move and its strder’s only +frame ground attack that you can combo into.


Orbs seems to fire instantly with some delay before you can fire another. Example, you can be point blank, press s.H, the opponent blocks the orbs , you can then teleport before the normal hits and without any orbs coming out. So if they pushblock before you teleport, you don’t get pushblocked out.

Orbs operate on button presses and not ‘normal moves’.


Tell that to zero with 3 bars. Or anyone with a almost insta activate slightly invincible projectile or projectile invuln super. Also Virgil would like to have a word. Needless to say orbs are amazing in xf3 however any gaps can easily get you killed.

On neutral game. Having an orb out is your best friend. It allows strider to make things relatively safe. If your making an approach or going for a mixup without one you really need to start using it more. You can cancel anything sans other formations and blocked stand s. Carefully placed bird bombs can really annoy your opponent as they serve a similar purpose like modoks bomb assist. Id advise…throw a bird, then orb, then bird bomb.if you do it tightly enough and didn’t get stuffed in bird activate you can summon another orb and mixup before the bomb explodes. Also to note if you confirm a combo off a bird bomb its very much not prorated.
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he was talking about ouroboros lol


Hey shoul do you know if its possible to pushblock and ragnarok a lvl 3 Virgil with swords on. It works if you cancel his superfreeze with yours and your in range but I’ve been trying to do it otherwise and I think I got it to work once…but meh. You can react to swords startup with vajra for an interrupt but its almost a guess it seems.

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whenever you start to block vergil swords, the only way you can hit vergil is if he hangs himself. You can push block, ragnarok but the only way to hit him is for the vergil player to walk fwd or hit a button. Its not actually a guaranteed punish from what I know about that move and I play against vergil players quite regularly

best way to beat vergil swords with ragnarok is counter flash level 3. I just input ragnarok whenever I see the flash as long as he’s in my invincible range and it will grab him 10\10 as long as he doesn’t pop XF in which case if you have yours too, you can counter pop xf.

the vajra counter I knew about but damn, all vergil has to do is jump and block and strider is dead. I really don’t like that option. Now you can throw out vajra on point here or there against vergil and if he activates swords AFTER strider teleports, it will hit him for free and if he blocks it, you can always XF. Again, not super solid but strider versus vergil is a really bad fight.


Yea if I vajra I only guess once and cancel into xf 3 and if he activates in range ill get him with rag. The other answers my question though.I usually just block well and try to wait for a solid opening.doesn’t always work though.

Lol, some goon was trying to say Vergil vs strider was in striders favor.

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vergil is a really weird fucking character. His tier placing totally depends on how much meter he has. If he has 0 bar and no xf, strider with xf and bar for orbs is a god like fight for strider. Even vergil with XF but no meter has a really hard time going against strider anyway.

if vergil has bar, its pretty brutal for strider though


Ive never ran across many instances of anchor vergil coming in w no bar. Generally I just snap his ass in and go for broke asap .

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I need to know, what is the optimal BnB for Hiryu? Or rather, optimal AND practical? At the moment, I try to do the midscreen combo (cLMHS sjMM djHS Formation B>Fire>Wall Cling>LMH Gram H (Formation B) Gram L ( Fire, Vajra H) Legion). But the quirks I have is the spacing toward the formation calling is off sometimes, and the timing for the Formation B later in the combo. Is there anything better without having Formation B out first?

For that matter, what’s an optimal combo -with- it called out? I’ve read through the combo topic prior, though admittedly not today, and I’m curious if anything better has been out.


Strider /Dante. Have to have a sat up. L,m,h,l.gram,act sat,dash,summon sat,dash,h, l.gram, release sat,wall cling,m,h, late cancel h.gram,summon sat,l.gram, act sat, vajra , team hyper if two bars.

Also figured out after the late heavy gram you have time to call missiles or drones, summon an orb, shoot it, vajra then do more stuff because missiles or drones is just starting to hit them when you vajra.

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the mid-screen combo I made up does hella life for strider. Its probably his most damaging combo but even I admit the timing is quite tight. Is there anything better for solo strider pervert_q?

in the corner, gram loops are probably the most damaging.

one thing I don’t like about mid-screen wall cling combo is that you and your opponent change sides on the screen and this can be a good or bad thing. Its good when you put them in the corner, its bad when you put yourself out of the corner and sometimes just doing 2 patterns going forward is better because you get to slam them in the corner.