Ninja understands that Invisibility is a matter of Patience and Agility


Always mind your surroundings.


I can see you.


No. I didn’t mind my surroundings today and a hot babe bumped into me breasts first. Then she was like ‘oh sorry I didn’t see you there’… Roshikari knows absolutely NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING about being invisible


Oh Excuse me Harmonazty and excuse my big tits. How do they taste, btw? Would you mind a cup o’ tea? CHEERS


Ugh, she looks nasty as shit.


I disagree.


Random tumblr image:

It’s just as relevant.


Snoop Dogg is now Snoop Lion.

No Guns Allowed

While I don’t exactly find her attractive, those are some nice tits now I that I look at 'em. Making me hungry.