after waht feels like 10 years I did this,
c&c’s welcomed.


You must like ninjas. I like that whole integration action traction. Ve dep qua. Lam tao depressed lam. Just joking man haha. Good stuff though.


an cut di…

did you go to the regionals?

btw fast reply.

I am now only drawing samurais


we had to do something that has to do with unity for an art project and I had the idea for the “intergrated action transition” and I thought a ninja would work better.


whoa, where did this burst of talent come from. indeed samurais>ninjas.


Indeed, this rawks.


indeed kakalou


Wow, you’ve improved a lot since I’ve last seen your work. Very nice indeed. I like the pose of the samurai sketch a lot, and the ninja one is pretty cool as well. It’s interesting to see the transistion on that one. Keep at it, my friend. :smiley:


Good show

the ninja is tight. I like the background/after image. Does that supposed to be Kenshin? Thats who it looks like. THe pose is great on that by the way.


you need design 101 cause the wire frame on that stormshadow is wack. try using arcs and lines that support his movements. i like the cel shading one you did better.