Nintendo 3DS Friends Code Exchange


yoo rove whats good? everyone add me 3ds friend code:2664-2108-9584


add me 3ds friend code:2664-2108-9584


3ds friend code:2664-2108-9584




I’m a nintentard… where is my friend code :frowning:

I’m pretty sure 6 year olds have figured this out…


Hey guys, I don’t own the game, but I just wanted to ask:

Isn’t Guile broken as hell in this? His sonic booms take no charge if you use the touch screen inputs. Isn’t that pretty much unbeatable for a lot of characters?


You’ll find it in your Friend List, after you have created a Mii for your account. Or something.

In short - yes.
I don’t play with touch screen settings online though. Only for PPP and KKK.


Phew! just added everyone who posted a code. To those who didn’t post their names I just added whatever your srk username was and however much would fit into the boxes.

FC: 3995-6537-7518
UN: ddrt

In SSFIV3d my nickname is dgf hhw((
Make sure to add me!


lets fight i see u online


How do you find people online? I see people on but I don’t know how to request a fight or anything. Do we just go into internet match>friend and then wait for them to enter the lobby?

EDIT: Okay, I need help. I’ve yet to win one match online. I play pro mode and I can only get a quick match. No one knows how to create a lobby and no one is in there? if I’m in pro mode is it possible for them to be using lite in quick match? It keeps matching me against 1k+ BP and I literally have 50 bp now because of one person spamming sakura’s uppercut bs and her low ultra into focus over and over. The wakeup timing is horrible! gah! what am I doing?!


Unfortunately it seems that way. Without a messaging system in place yet, we can’t really contact others and organize matches.


well here’s mines if anyone wants to play



So I played someone named vincent last night and I want to say thanks for going easy on me haha


Name: RadioGnome

ID: 5198-2477-6441


Sorry I haven’t been on these boards for quite some time. Added deviljin102 and RadioGnome as well.


Adding all now. I’m 2578-3177-1628 and located in TX. As a warning, though, w/SSF4 I’ve been known to spend a good deal of time trolling in “lite” mode matches.

As to the earlier questions about SSF4 online: ALWAYS go custom match. Set region as “same” and control type as “same” if you don’t want to lose to someone trolling with autoguard gief or no charge honda. You will almost never find a game at first, so just create a lobby. It seems almost everyone just goes to arcade mode instead of internet match, but if they have challenge turned on, it will drop them into your lobby if they match your settings. Honestly, though, the game could use an endless battle system. That way people would actually play extended sets or try out new characters instead of worrying about their points.

If you would like to join the army of “lite” mode trolls: turn on autoguard, stop doing unsafe attacks, bait your opponent’s unsafe attacks (i.e. flash kicks for guile) and don’t forget to tech throws. We can get a thread going if you want more SSF4 3d troll technology, but those are the basic rules to domination in lite mode.


can somebudy add me and al add them my code is 4983-5481-5688 and my user name is zo-zo


I know this thread is extremely old, but I couldn’t help but ask if I could add you and you could help me train and become better at 3D Edition?
Maybe some Super Smash Bros. too, haha.
Friend Code: 1349-6518-7116