Nintendo 3DS

I’m curious. I’m going to pick one up this saturday at the midnight launch, but will this thing sell out? I don’t know whether or not I should pre-order it.

real men don’t pre order.

Sorry It’s late essentially, do you think it will do well? 249 is pretty pricey for a handheld.

Probably from your typical gaming store, like Gamestop or GamerDoc, but what 75% of people don’t realize is that department stores like Best Buy, Walmart, BJ’s, Costcos etc usually carry the new product as well, and most people don’t even think to check those areas for the new release.

My guess is, it won’t sell out everywhere like the Wii did.

^ or come out with an updated version next year

Dammit I want one. Somebody send me 250 bucks please. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, I might have to wait this one out. I’m interested in it but my pockets would be taking too much of a hit buying it right away.

As far as pre-orders for games/systems go, it’s always been a mixed bag for me. I ended up cancelling some of my orders just because some places (specifically play-asia), wouldn’t have enough for everyone who pre-ordered and literally took months before they received another shipment of the product.
Most of the time that’s not the case though.
Right now it isn’t the holiday season or anything, so I don’t think these things will run out quickly unless Nintendo is not on top of their shit. I don’t think a pre-order is necessary for this one.

This is a stupid thread. If you are going to get it, why not pre-order and have it secured as opposed to saying, should i or not pre order and possibly waste my time at the store.

I don’t like parting my money with something I can’t physically have rightaway. I’m weird like that.

You aren’t charged for something that hasn’t been released yet, at least at any reputable web page.

You’re so weird that you are only hurting yourself my Canadian neighbor. Btw we have a 3DS thread already for you to pose such questions as the one in the OP.