nintendo 64

hi i got killer instinct gold and mortal kombat trilogy on n64

whats the best way to have the best image on a lcd tv?
is it a rgb cable?

thank u

A gamecube s-video cable should work . The resolution is low, so it’s hard to get a good image on an lcd.

isnt there a mod to get a better image on a n64?

rgb on n64 is tricky you have to have a certain model with a certain chipset and you have to mod it with soldering wires to bridge some part on the board, if you use a snes rgb cable the picture will be almost totaly black also it doesn’t look perfect even with the mod. your prolly better off just sticking with s-video, i was really looking into doing it last year when i was getting rgb for most of my old consoles.

i’m pretty sure it’s like the earliest usa run that you can do it with, i remember it being strange coz usa consoles don’t really use scart unlike euro consoles, any you cant do it on the pal console.