Nintendo considers move to smartphones


Imo they should have done content for android and iOS at the same time as marketing the f*** out of Wii U. But they did neither.
Imagine seeing super mario bros 3 on appstore for like 2-3 bucks. Who would not buy that? I can’t imagine a person that would say no to that.
Would have made them tons upon tons of money if they were putting out nintendo titles for cellphones.

They can be in both the mobile market and the consolemarket but they don’t seem to have realized that , or something.




Cool. Spend more money that the WiiU isn’t printing. That’s gonna help out right?


If they go through with this I can see there being no more Nintendo consoles at all. Their home platforms aren’t turning a profit, and if you’re moving to smartphones anyways there’s little reason to continue your handheld consoles.

At least if this goes through you’ll be able to play the fun Nintendo IPs without having to get a system that is only good for a handful of games.


They’re not in the same league. Smartphones can barely handle flash games without frame drops. Be happy you’re curbstomping the Vita Nintendo. You’re in 1st place in actual portable gaming console sales.


We want to sit on a couch with a controller and play a game. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo all are going bankrupt in the gaming department because they force technology on us we don’t want or even use.

I’ve had my XB1 for a while and still haven’t plugged in the kinect one time. Also Reggie the CEO of Nintendo America is a complete idiot in my eyes.


I agree that at this point in time smartphones don’t have the hardware for gaming, but if Nintendo did make the move there’s a couple things to consider.

  1. With a dedicated gaming company making games there’s suddenly a lot more incentive for phone manufacturers to put better gaming hardware in their phones. Ultimately the hardware will continue to advance anyways, but Nintendo’s actions will simply accelerate this.

  2. Kids already play a ton of games on their parent’s phones. If little Billy can play Pokemon and Mario on mommy’s cell there’s much less incentive for her to buy a handheld console.


This sounds kinda like Nintendo is considering designing hardware in the smartphone industry. Will we see a Nintendo phone someday?




Nintendo going 3rd Party ? Has that like ever happened before in the history of never? While it would probably bring them an influx of cash, they’d essentially turn into Sega in the long run.


Every time I play an NES game, my first thought is always “This would be so much better on a touchscreen.”


^ You’ve obviously never played an emulator on Android


I have not, but I’ve played enough games on the iPhone I’m posting this on to know that I really don’t like touch screen controls. I have a hard time believing they would ever be preferable to a d-pad.


I still don’t understand how the fuck you have such a drastic miss of your forecast. How do you go from 9 million predicted units to only 2.8 million? I can just imagine the complete shock the top brass at Nintendo are experiencing now. I love Nintendo and like many of the guys on here we grew up with at least one of their consoles. But at the end of the day, they are making games(good and bad) that nobody is really buying. Most kids these days don’t care about the kind of games that made Nintendo a lot of money in the past. Just give them their Call Of Duty and GTA and they’ll be happy.

Right now Nintendo really has to do some soul searching. I would hate to see them go the way of Sega, but I still don’t think it’s too late.

You actually bring up a good point. Nintendo can exploit this market. Hell, I wouldn’t mind paying for a NES or SNES sized Bluetooth controller that can be used to play a lot of their games on a smartphone.


^You also haven’t played a emulator on a smartphone. Don’t. Just don’t.


Once again, investors miss the point entirely.

Nintendo is not actually good at competing against Angry Birds (or vice versa). They’re different products, it makes about as much sense to say a movies lost because of competition to a TV show.

I wouldn’t buy that. That would be complete shit, touch screen controls are terrible for platformers. $3 is also a far cry from the $50 Nintendo was making for each sale of NSMB for the Wii, the most popular Wii game outside of Wii Sports. Demoting Mario to $3 would be basically admitting defeat.


I would buy a Nintendo 4GDS.


If people are playing stuff like Max Payne and CALLADOODY (COD) on their Iphones i am sure they could manage to get a platformer like mario 3 to work properly on a touchscreen.


Every year since the original DS this rumor comes up. Yet people still think something of it.


I’ve played Platformers on touch devices that work pretty well (Risky’s Revenge comes to mind) but even still they nerfed the platforming challenges in that game, and a controller for it is still better. I also got it for free which i think is an important point.

I probably would not pay for a Mario Platformer on my touch device.