Nintendo Ds question

so my R trigger isn’t as sensitive as it used to be (as in Jan when I got it)

what could i do about that?

it only acts weird with pokemon.

nothing? fuck…

I heard if you “blow” (think blowing into a nintendo cartridge) into it, it will work again. I have never tried this though.

It only acts weird with one game? O_o
I would think you’d want to swap out the spring, but if it’s only one game that’s random.

yeah, it’s really weird. it only gets all weird iwth pokemon… i can do anything with the R trigger in casltevania and in guilty gear… i’m confused.

Sounds like a software problem. Call nintendo?

the R trigger dont do nothing in pokemon, there it could be software.
i remember in CG controllers there was a way to reset them if something like that happened maybe therese a way on the ds
i bought a new DS cause the same thing happened to me. but i gave up

changing boxes

its jsut a lot easier.

i fixed the problem though… it only acts up if my emerald is in the GBA slot. if any other game or no game is in it, it works fine.


still broken, have to hit it really hard to have anything happen

nintendo wants $50 to fix it… even though it’s under warranty

Fuck that, Nintendo should stop charging people for fixing shit, like the Wii already prints money, and the DS is on the top of the handheld market, they should start giving free stuff away, at least Microsoft is doing it, and even Sony is rewarding some beta testers for testing certain games anyway,

Are you playing Pokemon via flashcart? If so which flashcart? I’m assuming you are not, so what my other suggestion is, is to hold the R button down, when you find out that it is working, hold it down even harder for about a minute or 2 (go 2 for safe side). Then when you let go, press it again like you normally would, if it works, yay. If not, boo.


all my games are legit

and it’s spread to Castlevania. it just acts funny no matter what game i have in there.

Holy fuck its a DS Disease.

There might be a dust build up on your R button. Try opening it up to see. But before you do that blow into a hole that is closes to the R button.

My DS’s R button stopped working properly for a week or two, it just didn’t work if it was pressed near the corner, I had to push it specifically around the center of the button. Eventually this problem just disappeared, I don’t know why. You could just wait a few days or weeks to see what happens to it.

I have the fat DS btw.

need a 3-prong screwdriver to open it up

i used ac an of air to blow in it

i have a DS lite… similar problem with me, only i have to push it at the inner-most part, and i have to push it really hard.

Hmm, well we all play fighting games on these forums right (rhetorical QuestioN)? BUTTON MASH THE R BUTTON :stuck_out_tongue:
It might work :smiley:


i don’t play fighters on my DS though.

Just imagine it is the R1/Right Trigger Button and go nuts it won’t hurt unless you drop the DS D: don’t want that to happen.